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Airline Industry Embraces The Internet Of Things As Futurist Jason Hope Cheers On

Has there been a time in history where technology was more on the forefront of our minds than today? Jason Hope, a world renowned futurist and tech entrepreneur, is laying claim to something quite bold: the Internet of Things is going to change our lives. The Internet of Things, if you don’t know, is essentially a term for how the internet will interface directly with our day to day lives. Imagine your kitchen operating from your phone or your public transport being constantly updated and corrected via satellite. Or, as Hope points out, imagine how the airline industry is operating.

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Safety is paramount when it comes to traveling by plane and that is due in large part to the Internet of Things. Airplanes today are interfaced with the internet. Every part of a plane’s construction is connected in some way to a database that monitors for safety. Consider that FLYING is the safest form of travel on the planet. That’s pretty wild, right? This is exactly what Hope is getting at when he touts the Internet of Things as the future. This kind of efficiency, safety, and life improvement is soon to take over the entire tech world.

Jason Hope has made a career out of identifying trends and getting on board before the rest of the industry catches up. His work at the SENS Foundation has taken renewed importance and we wouldn’t be surprised to see it take a heavy lean toward the Internet of Things. The future is bright for the tech world.

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Why Hire an Online Reputation Management Company

The internet has completely changed the way people perceive each other. Both businesses and individuals now have more information about them online than every before. This is a blessing and a curse. The pros of this are that more people than ever can access information about a business and decide whether or not they want to use it. The con of this situation is that anyone can put any information online that they want with almost no way to stop them.

If you are looking for a job, it is very important to manage your reputation online. Prospective employers are going to go through all of your social media accounts any anything else that might be posted about you online to decide whether or not they want to hire you. One way to help mitigate this circumstance is to hire an online presence management company. These companies are great for both building your brand’s image and also preventing negative public relations situations.

Reputation Management Fixers is one of the premier online reputation management companies available to clients today. They know what to do when it comes to taking care of negative comments and reviews about your business. They can also work on your social media presence in order to help your brand become more visible and have a more positive aura around it.

You can use Reputation Management Fixers to bury negative search results and boost your brand whether you are a business or an individual. It obviously important to businesses because of the reasons that were mentioned above. The thing about internet reviews is that just anyone can get online and give a review about your company. Some people go online and give companies unjustly negative reviews about the company. A good reputation management company will be able to discern which ones are deserved and which ones are not deserved. They can move to have them filtered based on that information.

Individuals can use them to help clean up their social media accounts. This can help them if they are in the middle of a job search. A bad picture on Facebook from 10 years ago should not affect the way that companies view you when they are deciding whether or not to hire you.

Wikipedia Business Content Reveals Credibility


Business owners are likely to read Wikipedia regularly. No matter what topics a business owner (or anyone else) types into the search engines, the results are sure to list a Wikipedia entry. The entry is probably in the top three positions in the ranking. Wikipedia is a very well-respected source for information. Everyone, business owners included, know this. What they might not know is Wikipedia is a fantastic resource for self-promotion. But you may ask yourself how to get onto Wikipedia?

A business that creates a solid Wikipedia page for itself could very well capture the attention of an incredible number of readers. Within that cadre of readers, customers are probably going to be found.

The Wikipedia Foundation creating the primary and various connected sites for the purpose of providing free information to the internet. The company exists by accepting donations. It does not charge anyone a fee for submitting content. The editors who work on the community are volunteers. The non-commercial nature of Wikipedia contributes greatly to its popularity. People know the content on Wikipedia is not skewed by advertisers.

This credibility extends to the businesses with pages on the site. Businesses that publish detailed entries on the site could thrive thanks to the reader’s comfort level in the legitimacy of the published material. As long as the content gets across interesting facts and biographical information, the Wikipedia revision has the potential to very positively brand the company.

Quality of writing does mean a lot when producing content for Wikipedia edits. Simply slap-dashing a few interesting facts won’t deliver any real results. In fact, going this route is sure to cause problems for those publishing the content. Poor writing is only going to turn readers off.

Weak content also invites the interference of third-party editors. The volunteer editors may be doing a business a mild favor by cleaning up the writing. If the editors change the marketing focus of the content, then the promotional value may end up totally lost.

Businesses run their ventures in a professional manner. The same professionalism should be applied to the creation of the Wikipedia entry. A call to Get Your Wiki’s Wikipedia editors for hire sets the directional map for arriving at that professional outcome. Get Your Wiki is the premier content creation service for Wikipedia. Material for Wikipedia will be written and edited from experienced experts. Get Your Wiki also handles various other services for clients. And clients benefit immensely from the work.

New York Real Estate Gets Boost with Big Projects

Real estate development in New York City is an always moving cycle of big buildings popping up just in time for more to follow in their place. Every month permit applications get sent through the city government and only so many get approved. For the month of September, as reported by The Real Deal, several big projects made it through in making NYC apartments for rent. We’ll take a look at a few of the buildings coming into Brooklyn and the Bronx as well as what they’re bringing with them.

In Brooklyn we’ll see the Shanghai based Greenland Forest City Partners erect another structure in their Pacific Park development. With 22 acres to work with there will be plenty of room to host a 26 story building, containing over 300 rental units, and a public school. Utilizing Marvel Architects, the building will go on to be one of Greenland’s premier structures in the city.

Not too far down the way we’ll see Bo Jin Zhu and the rest of Z&K Realty, erect their newest residential building. The team of developers have designed an 11 story building with over 160,000 square feet of residential area. The building will also host a giant synagogue as well as area for commercial development. The plot that the building will be erected on was purchased for almost $10.5 million back in 2014 by Bo Jin Zhu.

Joe Chetrit leads the charge in bringing new development down to the Bronx. The Chetrit Group received two permits for their work in Mott Haven, as they are designing two adjacent buildings. Chetrit is constructing two 25 story rental buildings in partnership with Somerset Partners. The larger of the two buildings, located on Lincoln Ave, hosts 826 apartments with a square foot coverage of nearly 800,000 feet. There is also almost 30,000 square feet of coverage set aside for commercial developments. Chetrit spent a combined $36 million on the lots in order to begin commercial construction.

At the center of all these deals is TOWN Residential, a luxury high end residential firm that has been operating in the city for the past five years. TOWN Residential was founded back in 2010 by CEO Andrew Heiberger along with Joseph Sitt. TOWN Residential operates as a boutique firm with their hands on several different key areas of development in New York City: from commercial buildings to luxury neighborhoods, you’ll see their professional touch on every block.

Expert Hedge Fund Manager, James Dondero

Since 1984, James Dondero has moved through the financial and accounting labyrinth is spectacular fashion. As a graduate from the University of Virginia and the McIntire School of Commerce with two majors in Accounting and Finance, he earned the titles of Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). He is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Being extremely talented with the financial world and accounting as evidenced by his graduation with the highest honors, Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, he manifested his brilliance immediately by beginning his career as an analyst with the Morgan Guaranty training program.

From 1985 to 1989 he worked for American Express as a Portfolio Manager and Corporate Bond Analyst. His expertise was so prolific that more responsibility was earned as he took on the position as Chief Investment Officer for GIC of Protective Life, with an account inventory of $2 Billion between 1989 and 1993. One success lead to multiple successes as James Dondero became a member of the board of directors for American Banknote and MGM Studios. To add to that he became Chairman of the Board for Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical and Nexbank.

The culmination of his 30 years of experience to date in credit and equity market products manifested in Dondero’s role as Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management. This Dallas, Texas based financial firm is staffed by a team of highly competent, trained investment analysts that will fully research and structure transactions for their clients. They will research and execute proper due diligence to deliver high-yield, long only returns in alternative credit products that are properly culled from the lot of distressed investments, sorting out the losers from the winners. At the proper time, a sales transaction is carefully and precisely completed for Alpha only.

The credit markets are very attractive from the perspective of the creation of wealth with the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market and in developing credit oriented solutions for both retail and institutional investors. Highland Capital Management carefully develops its award winning products which include CLOs, private equity funds, mutual funds, private equity funds, mutual funds, hedge funds, REITs and EFTs. Along with their affiliates, Highland Capital Management works with $21 Billion in assets. The combined experience on the team is one of the highest in the world on alternative credit.

Highland Capital Management is a versatile company with highly skilled advisers that can offer invaluable advice. For example, in the time since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) going live, Small Businesses became concerned about the damage the ACA will do their profit margins and even their viability to stay in business. The advisers at Highland Capital can assist the small business to plan their upgrade to the highly controversial ACA. Many clients will seek out the primary methods to comply first and then opt out of this service by cutting their full time employees down to part time to avoid having to provide insurance for those employees. Advisers will do much to assist in these and other very important matters regarding the ACA and small to medium business equity management.