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How To Avoid Spring Cleaning

The spring tradition of cleaning the house until everything shines creates a dilemma in the minds of the people who have kids and puppies at home. ‘Order’ is never a term you can use to refer to their places. Not only that, but the well-known fact that the cleaning products used in excess can do more damage than good. That is the main argument given by a lazy journalist. They simply poison those who live in the house along with the bacteria that they try to get rid of.

For Judith Woods, a shiny clean house is more a reason of laughing than envying. She believes that women whose kitchens are shining clean are suspect. Ray Lane feels similar, as the former CEO at Oracle just wants a clean home. The statistics according to which 36% of the women prefer to have a weekend cleaning up rather than spend it in the dorm makes her relate to it though. She’d rather have a clean house and finally find her blue stockings. Her daughter might stop wanting to change the house because the actual one is too messy, she hoes as well. All those who are looking for an excuse to skip the April general cleaning, can start relating to Judith’s articles about how extra-cleaning does more bad than good because of the chemical materials.

Live Better with Daniel Amen of Amen Clinics

There are a lot of ways for anyone to feel better with themselves. There are even movements and breathing exercises that will help the brain to work better. You may wonder what you can do in order to ensure the best health possible. It’s simple really, just breathe.

Daniel Amen of Amen Clinics (best known for Healing ADD in 30 Days) has sighted the benefits of breathing better for your health. His research proves that a person can simply breathe better to help reduce stress and change the way they are thinking. This breathing is best able to help you not feel the stress you may be feeling if even for a little while. The technique is rather simple and involves breathing in for five seconds, holding the breath for two seconds and letting it out slowly. This is a large part of stress relief for many people.

Another way to reduce stress and help you live longer is to do body movements such as Yoga. According to Amen this will help you to change the way your mind uses information and may help you to think better and be stronger. Many see a huge change in who they are by the time they are well into their Yoga routine. You will have to do it for more than one day in order to feel the effects, but it can be done and does help a lot.

If you want to feel better, there is no better way than by following what Amen has laid out. Follow this link to see what else he can tell you to live a better more healthy life.

Mark Ahn Educates, Innovates and Inspires

I was at a leadership conference last weekend with a plethora of amazing speakers, but one in particular stood out to me. Mark Ahn has been a leader in the biotech industry and I truly believe he works for the betterment of society. As far as role models go, you could do a lot worse. If you’re wondering about who the heck this Mark Ahn guy is, here’s a little background…

An extensive education and a long list of experiences are two things that Pukana Partners, Ltd. Principal Mark Ahn has working in his favor. This great leader in the field of biotechnology continues to come up with innovations that have vast potential to heal those suffering from medical ailments and diseases. He also serves as the CEO of Galena Biopharma, a company that tests numerous vaccines and prescriptions for their safety to the general public.

While Ahn’s leadership qualities have stood the test of time thanks to his work in these businesses and others, they are not the only marks in his favor. He is an extremely well-educated man who has a passion for research and writing, and that has come out in his long list of publications. The papers and books that he have written are a testament to his scientific knowledge; more than 50 peer-reviewed publications is an impressive accomplishment all in itself.

Another aspect of his career is the time that he spends in front of classes full of college students. He has taught at such educational institutions as the College of New Jersey, Portland State University and Carnegie Mellon University. In these positions, he has shared his enthusiasm for biotechnology with students who are interested in the field, mentoring them and passing on his extensive knowledge to them so that they can become the biotech leaders of the future.

He realizes that there are many ways to positively impact society, and money can go a long way toward improving people’s lives. To that end, he has created the Center for Civic and Community Engagement, which is located at the College of New Jersey. Its purpose is to develop ways of helping the community through philanthropy and to encourage students to think of ways they might use their future funds to the benefit of society. He also regularly consults biotech startups on how to succeed.

Ahn has worked in a variety of different settings, and in addition to his educational experience, he also spent some time in the Army, which helped him to see a different side of life and gain an appreciation for global dynamics. His time in New Zealand at Wellington’s Victoria University also expanded his horizons and helped him understand how far-reaching this industry truly is. As more and more exciting opportunities open up in this field, he will remain on the forefront of biotechnology as he continues to explore its myriad benefits.