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Philanthropist And Hedge Fund Investor George Soros Has A Yearning For Gold Profits

No is going to hold any benefits for investor George Soros anytime soon. Soros is worth more than some small countries, and he seems to be getting richer by the minute. The 85-year-old Soros didn’t start his life rich. He was born in Budapest and at the age of 14, he was right in the middle of the Nazi invasion. Thanks to some quick thinking by his father, the family was able to hide their Jewish heritage. George got out of Hungary and landed in London where he waited tables when he was not going to philosophy classes at the London School of Economics. He earned his degree in 1952 and moved to New York in 1956. Soros got his first American job on Wall Street, and the rest of the story is history now.

The Soros Management Fund is one of the most successful hedge funds on the planet. George Soros has pocketed more than $24 billion from his investments and commissions over the last 60 plus years. He is best known for his bet that the UK would have to devalue to pound back in 1992. He won that bet and put $1.4 billion in commissions in his personal bank account. His latest investment is gold and gold mining. The Soros Management Fund recently sold a large chunk of their stocking holdings and invested in Barrick Gold stock, according to an article posted by

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Billionaire Investor George Soros Sees Economic Trouble Ahead

Here’s How George Soros’s Latest Predictions Have Played Out

The Wall Street Journal was first to publish the article about the new Soros investment strategy. It didn’t take long for the investment world to follow Soros into the gold market. Barrick Gold’s stock jumped by more than 44 percent in just a couple of days. George Soros thinks the value of gold could double in the next 18 months, and other big-time investors agree with him.

The main reason that Soros is moving assets around is the economic upheaval that is tearing countries in Europe, Asia, and South America apart. Soros believes the United States is on the doorstep of another brutal recession and the new president, no matter who it is, won’t be able to stop it. The European Union is jeopardy as well, according to George. The crisis in Greece, and the banking issues in Italy, France, and other EU members is taking a heavy toll on the Union. When the migration and terrorist factors are added to the financial issues, the result is a global economic disaster, according to Soros.

China is the other fly in the economic ointment, and it is a big one. China banks are in serious trouble, and the government is spending billions in capital reserves to stop the hemorrhaging due the enormous amount of bad debts on the Chines bank’s books.

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Invest In Precious Metals Through US Money Reserve

The global economy can fluctuate significantly, and the mounting US debt has made many investors turn to alternative forms of investment instead of stocks and bonds. Precious metals, which are guaranteed to hold their value even in times of economic collapse are becoming more and more popular among investors and wealth mangers. Currencies can decrease in value, while precious metals such as gold and silver hold their values, and often surge when paper money drops in value, giving investors handsome returns.

US Money Reserve is a leading distributor of gold and silver coins and other precious metals. Based in the capital city of Austin, Texas, US Money Reserve has fulfilled the demands of hundreds of thousands of clients, ranging from the individual investor to the institutional investor working for an investment firm. The company sells both US mint certified coins, that are guaranteed in purity and value by the US mint and gold and silver bullion. The bullion distributed by US Money Reserve is among the purest and highest quality available on the market today.

US Money Reserve treats its client, be it an individual investor looking to invest in gold or silver for the first time or a wealth management expert that is looking to expand his holdings of precious metals for their clients with the utmost care and respect. Free information booklets and consultations over the phone are provided to prospective investors with no obligation and no sales pressure. Unlike other companies that pressure their clients to purchase gold and silver, US Money Reserve gives you the info and means to purchase but does not try to push you to buy. The company has the highest rating available from the Better Business Bureau and hundreds of thousands of satisfied clients.

In addition to selling US mint approved gold and silver coins, US Money Reserve sells platinum coins and bullion. This highly expensive and rare precious metal is an excellent way to diversify an investment portfolio. Shipping of the gold, silver and precious metals is free and its value and purity is guaranteed. This is yet another distinction of US Money Reserve. The company is also actively involved in the Austin, Texas by being a member of the city of Austin’s chamber of commerce.

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The US Money Reserve to Take Advantage of Downturns


When people think about the stock market and investing in general, they always make it seem like everyone is connected. Somehow if the market takes a huge increase then somehow everyone has hit the jackpot. The truth of the matter is the US Money Reserve can teach you a lot about the investing world, and just because someone else is doing good or bad doesn’t mean your individual investment portfolio will do better or worse. The hardest part about the entire market is trying to figure out exactly how your investments will respond. If you take an average position of stocks then you might be exposing yourself to a volatile position. That being said, by taking a great position with the US Money Reserve, you truly have a chance to plan on when you can strike and maximize your investment.

The US Money Reserve is focused on creating the type of wealth that you need. Not only is the Us Money Reserve able to help individuals better understand the market in general, but they are also able to help you invest in gold. With gold you have a financial position in an actual asset that will continue to appreciate over time. As long as people are around and continue to value precious metals as though it is a significant class, you are truly able to hold onto something that will appreciate over time.

Another point to consider with the strategy of investing in gold with the US Money Reserve is that you truly have the opportunity to be able to take advantage of the market when certain things happen. As individuals in the regular market could start to panic because of an economic downturn or the slightest hint of the market spinning out of control, more and more people will want to turn to a safer asset class. At that point, anyone invested in a safe position like gold will truly be able to sell high.

At the end of the day you need to be sure you can truly invest in something that will continue to make you rich and build your wealth regardless of the market. If you are sick of playing the games of just hoping that your stock picks will pay off, then check out what the US Money reserve can set up for you. You don’t have to do too much, just get on the gold standard and secure your financial future.