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Sanjay Shah’s Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah Denmark is an innovative businessman who is passionate about both philanthropy as well as the finance industry. As the CEO of Solo Capital, Mr. Shah has ensured many clients on innovative and unique financial services. At Solo Capital, Sanjay Shah and his employees give expert advice that not only increase the overall profit of the client with the high rate of return, but also decreases the risk liability of the client upon the investment. Though Sanjay Shah is a successful businessman, his success was a result of temporary failure when he lost his job after the 2008 financial crisis. Though he had hit rock bottom, his family supported him and encouraged him to create his own company that promises transparency as well as loyalty to each and every customer.

With the success of his investment firm, Sanjay Shah has been able to focus more on his family. As a family man and as a father of an autistic son, Sanjay Shah has started up a foundation in 2014 that is specifically for children who have been diagnosed with autism. This foundation will help fund the further research of autism which will not only help his family, but also other families with autistic children. Though Sanjay Shah has no intention of curing autism, he wants to further the research in order to understand his son’s process of thinking.

Autism is a developmental disorder that is more common than one would think. This developmental disorder is diagnosed among one in 68 children. In addition to these odds, boys are more likely to be diagnosed with autism. As this disorder is so common, Sanjay Shah is doing the world a favor of continuing the research of this disorder so that not only parents, but also educators can understand the learning process in order to create the best learning plan for the child.

Sanjay’s organization known as Autism Rocks has been inspired by Mr. Shah and his family’s passion for music. Autism Rocks is primarily a London-based event that features many concerts that include international stars. Celebrities such as Tyga, Prince, and Lenny Kravitz have all made an appearance at these Autism Rocks events in order to encourage donations among those that attend the function. Though this foundation is only two years old, Sanjay Shah has already done a considerable amount to the research of autism. This entire foundation has brought his family closer together.


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