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Fat And Fined- Puerto Rico To Punish Families Whose Children Won’t Lose Weight

Childhood obesity has become an epidemic in the United States. Many parents overfeed their children and do not promote physical activity. Another contributing factor is low income families often feel forced into buying unhealthy foods because they are inexpensive. Many cheap foods are loaded with saturated fat and hydrogenated oil with little to no redeeming value.

The U.S. has responded to the obesity problem by changing the food standards for schools by reducing fat, sugar, and salt. Puerto Rico is taking a different route in hopes that it will reduce the problem in their country. They plan to put at risk children on diets with required exercise included but if after a period of six months the child(ren) are still significantly overweight then the parents will be fined.

The penalty seems awfully harsh and appears to be aimed at maintaining physical appearance versus actual health. Naturally, there has been an outcry from parents about the enforcement of diets and such and health experts at the Amen Clinic have offered their services for free to families that are struggling.

Is Puerto Rico stepping over the line into personal territory or are they trying to be proactive with the next generation’s health? It is hard to say and largely based on opinion right now. The best possible scenario is the children will follow their diet plan and not have to worry about any possible fines.

First Person to Have Artificial Heart Leaves Hospital

Stan Larkin, a 24 year old man from Ypsilanti, Michigan is the first person to ever receive an artificial heart transplant according to a story on USA Today online and CNN by reporter Susan McGalla. When Larkin was 16 he discovered that he had arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia which is the cause for an irregular heart rhythm. ARVD is one of the leading causes of death in young adults. Unfortunately for the Larkin family Stan’s younger brother suffers from the same condition.

Stan was implanted with a defibrillator which kept his heart beating in a regular rhythm. Stan reported that one day the defibrillator went off 26 times. When he was admitted to the hospital doctors said his heart was operating at about 15%. What scary news that must be to receive.

Stan is now a proud recipient of a totally artificial heart. The heart is connected to two tubes which run to a 13 pound compressor that Stan carries in a backpack. The compressor works to pulse oxygen into the artificial heart. Stan was allowed to leave the hospital in order to celebrate Christmas with his family. He has even made trips to the mall and plans on attending church and visiting his younger brother in the hospital soon. And as for his younger brother- he also has artificial heart and doctors are hoping he can walk out of the hospital with a portable machine like Stan.

The Increasing Health Risk In Children With Obesity

In today’s world our children and perhaps Dan Newlin have grown addicted to fast food and greasy nightmares. It seems that times are changing and very quickly when it comes to the way our children eat and are taught to eat. Many of this is all due to not having enough time in a day to prepare home cooked, healthy meals; so we look for the easy way out. Not because we are bad parents but because of long hours spent at work trying to make ends meat. Unfortunately, this is having a big affect on our children and their health. Children these days are more at risk for heart disease and many other health related problems brought on by processed, fat building foods. Making simple changes everyday can make a world of difference as you can find on Your text to link….

We need baby step solutions to help our children become healthy adults in the future. A lot of people may not think that changing something as simple as having your children drink more water, instead of juice will not have much impact are sadly mistaken. With childhood diabetes increasing in young adults, it is very crucial to watch their sugar intake as well. Fruits and vegetables as a side on each plate can also make a difference. Smaller portions and meals with less sodium can reduce the risk of early hypertension in young adults. After school activities such as sports are also great ideas in keeping our children healthy and in shape. I think we can all agree, our future entrepreneurs need our guidance. After all, this will be their ship to run long after we’re gone.

Pain Killer Problem

Some doctors realize that their patients are selling pain killers. This might be why fewer doctors are writing prescriptions for the drugs that are truly needed by some people. Those who have decided to abuse the drugs have made it harder for the ones who live a life in pain.
Doctors should have some way of regulating pain killers so that others can’t abuse them. There needs to be a way to monitor the use by limiting the number of prescriptions in a year for those who don’t need them as much as those who do need them. This could help cut down on some of the drug overdoses that occur as well. This story was shared by friend of the site Darius Fisher.