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Does Skirting Concussions Constitute Cheating?

The New England Patriots are not known for following the rules. They have been caught before, and they might have been caught again. They were able to win the Super Bowl on the strength of their offense, and they might have put their best receiver on the field with a concussion.

Julian Edelman has made comments that appear to indicate that the concussion protocol was not followed after he had his bell rung, which shocked Ricardo Tosto. His comments make it sound like he was on the sidelines in 1965, and it is also appears that the Patriots have another small scandal on their hands. It is true that Edelman is responsible for saying that he did not feel well, but it is possible that he felt just fine. He wanted to get back in the game because it was the Super Bowl, and it was the team doctor’s job to hold him out.

If this is true, the Patriots have broken an even more serious rule that could alter Edelman’s life forever. You never know what is happening when someone has a concussion, and we do not know if a player could die if they are hit again while in the middle of dealing with a recent concussion. It is a good thing we did not have to find out at the Super Bowl.