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Full Sense Device – The End of Obesity

Our nation has been facing this problem for years: obesity. Many obese people have suffered through the horrendous process of gastric bypass surgery, where the stomach is reduced to about the size of a walnut and connected to the middle of the small intestine. The patient suffers almost unbearable side effects that make one think if the cons outweigh the pros of this surgery.

But now, doctors may have an alternative. The esophageal stent hold the esophagus open is used in patients who have difficulty swallowing. Is it possible that this could also hold open the small bowel?
Dr. Randy Baker has recently tried this procedure in a patient who had previously undergone gastric bypass. The results were astonishing. A woman who, previously, was restricted to a liquid diet as a result of the gastric bypass, could now eat solid foods without becoming sick and is losing weight in the process.
Baker set out to create the Full Sense Device, which can be inserted through the mouth and placed in less than 10 minutes. The device can remain in place for up to six months, and patients lose weight through “implied satiety”. After 6 months, patients on average lost 75% of excess body weight with no severe adverse side effects stated a report on
This amazing new product can enable patients to lose excess weight in a non-surgical, effective procedure.

Dunkin Donuts to Offer Two New Items

Dunkin Donuts, one of the most popular chain restaurants in the entire county, is set to diversify their menu in the coming year. Diners have come to depend on the chain for light sandwiches, coffee and freshly made donuts. Now they can enjoy a new kind of main course or light snack here as well. The chain plans to bring out two new items to diners across the country. 

A chocolate croissant will be available for purchase in certain markets much to the chagrin of Dr Rod Rohrich. The pastry is topped with chocolate and designed to resemble the traditional pan au chocolate that is often eaten in France as part of breakfast. The chain has had success with previous uses of croissants. The new product is expected to flourish as well as Americans continue to embrace French desserts such as macaroons.

The other new item that will be on the Dunkin Donuts menu is the Tomato Mozzarella Supreme Bagel. This take on a classic pizza bagel will be offered in select markets across the country. The bagel will be topped with dried herbs to help give it flavor and provide diners with a burst of tastes. The classic bagel has long been a hit in many markets across the country. The new product is also expected to be quite popular. If it does well, the pizza bagel and the chocolate croissant will both be available at a local outlet.