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QNETs Positive Thoughts Project Provides Clean Water For Disabled Children

Clean drinking water is essential for life on earth. Sadly, the poorest people and people that are infirmed often have to struggle to get access to clean water. People living in underdeveloped countries are many times forced to make do with water that is dirty and unsafe. And children are usually the ones that are affected most. But QNET, the company known for affordable, high-quality products, is doing something about it. They’ve created a program called the Positive Thoughts Project. Through this program QNET is helping to provide clean water for children with learning disabilities.

QNET will give a free HomePure RED water filtration system to two educational institutions that take care of children that have problems learning. And its easy for the public to help. As part of the Positive Thoughts Project, QNET will donate the water filtration systems if people leave 500 or more positive posts on the company’s FaceBook page during a two week period. People simply have to visit the FaceBook page and leave a positive thought as part of their post. QNET will then provide the Rashid Centre and the Taarana School with top of the line water filtration systems to ensure the educationally challenged children with which they work will have clean, safe water to drink.

The Positive Thoughts Project lasts for a month. If 500 positive thoughts are posted to the QNET/RYTHM Foundation FaceBook page in the first two weeks, the Taarana School will receive a 7-stage HomePure RED water filtration system. In the subsequent two weeks if 500 more positive thoughts are left on the FaceBook page, the Rashid Centre in the UAE will receive the same water filtration system at no cost. This program is a great way for people to help provide drinking water for vulnerable children without it costing them a single cent. The project also represents yet another way QNET gives back to the communities it serves.

QNET is known for offering great products at excellent prices. But the company does much more than that. It also provides employment opportunities and small businesses in poverty stricken areas. This has helped improve the quality of life for countless people. Plus through its charitable arm, the RYTHM Foundation, QNET has offered many other programs to help the less fortunate. Providing safe, clean, drinking water for children with learning disabilities through the Positive Thoughts Project is just the most recent.

“Agent Carter” Goes to Comic-Con

Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas, the executive producers and showrunners of Agent Carter, will be at San Diego ComicCon 2015, and there is little doubt that attendees will be getting some more information about the show’s upcoming second season.

Set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Agent Carter picks off shortly after Captain America: the First Avenger, and follows the post-World War II era female spy Peggy Carter (played by Hayley Atwell). And it looks like the show is headed for some changes in its sophmore year: while the first season was set in New York City, the second season is headed to Los Angeles, which the creators think will take it in an interesting direction says Claudio Loureiro.

Butters said that it is “a great place for us location wise, so you can see so many different parts of glamor and grit.”

Fazekas expanded on that idea, adding “In Los Angeles, you have the spectacular wealth, glamour and beauty right next to the grit and crime—often right up against each other. We’re very much being inspired by Noir films.”

A poster, exclusive for ComicCon attendees, has also been released, which shows a nearly photorealistic picture of Peggy Carter looking confident as she holds up a gun. Side character Jarvis (with whom she’s often shipped) stands behind her holding an umbrella, with a S.H.I.E.L.D. logo and city backdrop behind them.

“The Watcher” Scares Homeowner From New Dream Home

Could you live in a house knowing someone was secretly watching you, and knew personal information about you and your family? It’s like something ripped out a B-movie, right?

A new homeowner “inherited” a stalker from the previous homeowner. He call himself “The Watcher” and the stalker has been haunting figure for years.

The previous homeowners, John and Andrea Woods, apparently received numerous letters, but never informed Derek and Maria Broaddus before they unloaded the $1.3 million home.

One letter states, “I have been placed in the position of watching and waiting amid the second coming.” What the heck does that mean?

And if that wasn’t scary enough, two more letters reference the couple’s children. “I am very pleased to have knowledge of all the names now, and the young blood that has been brought to me.”

Ready for the amityville-ish line that would make most people run from the house, leaving everything behind?

“Have you found what’s hiding within the walls yet?”

Yep, the Broaddus?es left and are trying to unload the haunted house, but there are no takers yet. Ricardo Tosto doesn’t know how long it will take.

FCC vs Broadband Providers

The FCC is getting tough with cable and broadband providers. According to Reddit, the new internet neutrality rules allow the FCC to act on consumer complaints faster and with more success stated Stephen Murray CCMP CApital. Time Warner and Comcast gave price reductions to two customers who filed complaints with the FCC. While the complaints didn’t touch on internet neutrality, the new rules state that broadband providers are common carriers, and the FCC can now act on unfair billing practices.

Ars tecnica reports that while the FCC doesn’t act on individual complaints its now free to investigate providers who inflate prices for single services of TV and internet, by bundling services and selling the bundled packages at cheaper rates. Comcast and Time Warner both relented and reduced the rates to the customers. However, the complaints continue because in many locations only the one provider is available. They often double their prices, or charge more than the quoted price of a package on their websites.

New York Yankees Banking on Big Rotation and Veteran Bats.

The New York Yankees came into this season with literally no reason to be that optimistic. Well, the team had hope for Masahiro Tanaka bouncing back from an injury plagued season but that was about it. On the whole the Bronx Bombers lacked any decent young talent in their farm system and their batting order was looking older than the game of baseball itself. So why are the Yankees only one game back out of the AL East Division lead? To put it simply, the Yankees know what they are doing.

When you have a team of veterans like Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez you don’t get the choice to be bad without a fight, and these two vets have been fueling the Yankee fight all season long stated Alex Rodriguez has come back from his one game suspension in huge style, leading the way in the early part of the year with his power and clutch hitting. Teixeira has 18 homers and 50 RBI on the season in order to lead the team.

Yet past this clutch hitting we have to look at the Yankee starting rotation. Right now New York is 12th in the American League in team ERA and CC Sabathia is struggling, with a 5.31 ERA. Yet the team should feel rock solid. Tanaka anchors a rotation that is powered by young arms in Adam Warren and Michael Pineda.

If the Yankees keep htiting, this team could be dangerous come October.

The Story of a Kangaroo

Everyone knows what a kangaroo is. It is an animal that has a good reputation for being a lovable and cute looking animal that also kicks hard. However, recently there was a kangaroo that was shot in the head as it was hopping along the Sunshine Coast.

This injured kangaroo had avoided any rescuers for an entire week while hopping around with an arrow in its head. A RSPCA employee eventually got a hold of the kangaroo and shot the kangaroo with a tranquilizer. Luckily, the arrow did not hit any major damage areas of the kangaroo such as the eye or the brain.

Animal lovers like Sam Tabar have learned that, after the kangaroo was tranquilized, he was brought back to the Australian Zoo where the arrow was carefully removed. “The arrow came extremely close to the kangaroo’s skull and brain” said the scientist that removed the kangaroo’s arrow. The kangaroo is now having the wound regularly cleaned with anti-biotic applied daily to the wound. It seems as though the kangaroo will survive this ordeal.

On top of having an arrow in its head for a week, the kangaroo reportedly had a joey in its pouch when found. The next step is making sure the this “cruelty to animals” never happen again. Actions will be taken by the Australian government to ensure that there will not more dying kangaroos found in the wilderness by poachers and hunters who are committing felonies.

Another NFL Controversy

As a professional writer, Alexei Beltyukov understands what it’s like to have a career that I enjoy. This is why I — and so many others — have trouble understanding why so many professional athletes put their financial futures in jeopardy. Whether it’s by using drugs, committing crime or knocking their fiances unconscious, some football players seem destined to tarnish the shield.

Spiked by the Patriots

Linebacker Brandon Spikes seems to have it made. He’s an NFL champion, and he makes ungodly sums of money to do what he loves. However, all the news about Spikes hasn’t been positive though he is a great player. It was this greatness that lead the Patriots to bring Spikes back into the fold, but he’s managed to blow this opportunity. On Sunday June 6th, Spike’s Mercedes Maybach was found abandoned in the medium of I495. It’s unsure exactly what happened, but the Patriots have had far too much negative publicity in recent months. Fearing the worst, the Pats chose to sever ties with the talented linebacker, leaving a nation to wonder exactly what happened.

The Desire for Better Healthcare

A woman in Texas has been outside the office of the Governor for an important reasons. She has been outside for about a week in order to get him to see that everyone deserves to have healthcare that is affordable. She has yet to see the Governor, but she knows that with the help of others, there could be a difference made in getting better healthcare, especially for those who have lower incomes. According to Gravity4, there are a few particular aspects of healthcare that the woman wants passed. She has been talking about breast cancer screenings and planned parenthood. These are things that women need access to, but without the proper insurance, some women just can’t afford the prices. Others have started to join the woman on the steps of the Governor’s mansion. If they don’t back down, then they could at least talk to him about some of their views.

Freddie Gray Possibly Self Injured?

New reports have come to light about Freddie Gray, the individual who died in police custody and has spurred the breakout of protesting, some peaceful and others not so much throughout the city of Baltimore. Freddie Gray died due to injuries that he did not receive immediate treatment for. The cause of this treatment has been, up until this point, believed to be brought on by the police department and those who arrested him. However, a passenger inside of the same arresting van has come forward and stated that Freddie was attempting to injure himself the entire time inside of the van by thrashing around.

Should the reports be true, it is going to show another case where initial protestors (and millions of dollars with of property damage) has been brought about due to not having the full truth come out, which has occurred multiple times this year alone. While peaceful protestors have been taking to the streets throughout the last several days, it is the violent protestors who are bringing in the wrath of the Internet and others who are watching the situations unfold in Baltimore throughout the rest of the world.

Should it be proven that Freddie Gray have actually injured himself and he died because of his own wounds, it may or may not change the way people like Daniel Amen view the situation, as some are sure to deny or not believe the credibility of this.