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Woman Arrested After Agreeing to Help Inmates Escape

Before two inmates escaped from a prison in New York, they talked to a prison worker who agreed to be the getaway driver once they escaped. However, she decided not to go through with the act. This woman has been arrested in relation to the escape. Susan McGalla told me there have been thoughts that the woman was in a relationship with one of the men, but she didn’t drive the men from the prison because she claims that she loves her husband which PR Newsire reported. This is a woman who could have been blackmailed or talked into driving the men by being threatened.

She seems to know that what she was going to do was wrong, and she made the right decision in not taking the men away. Since she didn’t go through with the act, she shouldn’t face as many charges as she could be facing if she were to help the men. However, she did have a private encounter with one of the inmates, so this in itself should have some kind of punishment. Officers are still looking for the two men.