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Revis signs with Jets

Cornerback Darrelle Revis, formally of the New England Patriots, has announced a deal to resign with the New York Jets for a significantly large salary. The contract Revis signed with the Jets is for $70 million in salary for five years and with $40 million of that salary guaranteed.

Revis was previously on a multi-year deal with the Patriots that would have paid him $25 million in the current year. New England did not intend on taking the contract option due to the significance of the impact that the payment would have on the salary cap but were looking to resign Revis to a more cap friendly deal. Dr Jennifer Walden said under his prior year deal with New England no money was guaranteed, though Wikipedia articles state Revis had a higher cap number.

New England had previously acquired Revis last year during free agency after he was released from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tampa Bay acquired Revis from the Jets in exchange for a 1st round and fourth round pick as well as other compensation.

Revis is returning home to the Jets who are the team that originally drafted him. Revis is one of the league’s premier corners who is typically matched up against the opposition’s top wide receiver and has been known to shut down the opposition thereby improving the performance of the defense as a wwhole.

Revis won his first Super Bowl ring with New England during the 2014 season but has always been honest about his focus on being paid for his talents.