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Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble Is Shaking Up Online Dating

The career of Whitney Wolfe has taken off at an amazing pace. She isn’t even 30 years old and she has already managed to make a name for herself as a CEO. As a Millennial she is fixated on the business of online apps and made herself a fortune through mobile apps like other Millennial greats such as Mark Zuckerberg. Her latest project, Bumble, is changing the way we think of online dating and how we should go about it.

The Idea Of Bumble

Bumble was launched in 2014 after Whitney Wolfe decided to leave Hatch Labs. At Hatch Labs, the founders of Tinder, she did not like the company culture and eventually sued for sexual harassment. After the lawsuit was settled she decided to leave to pursue her own ambitions. These ambitions lead her towards the creation of Bumble. She wanted to create a dating app without the sexual harassment that is seen far too often in online dating. Bumble achieves this by empowering women to make the first move in all opposite sex approaches. With millions of users already in the app’s base it seems like a success.

The Growth Of Bumble

Bumble has grown quite a bit since it first opened. The app can now boast of more than 150 million matches made through the platform. Additionally, Bumble has achieved this high number of matches with a very low rate of sexual harassment. There were only 650 cases of sexual harassment in 2015, which is less than 0.1% of the app’s audience. Bumble has empowered women to make the first move in dating, but the future of this app is promising something even bigger.

What Will She Do Next?

Whitney Wolfe has already proven she can lead a company with the best of them. There are plenty of people her age who simply haven’t experienced nearly the same amount of success. Bumble is already a smashing success and there is still room for growth. Whatever she decides to do it is almost certain it will see the same amount of success.

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