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The Changing World of Spinal Surgery

When people think of surgery they usually imagine it on a large scale. The sterotype portrayed in movies and TV will typically feature huge tools and crowds of people surrounding a patient. And to go along with that, the difficulty of the surgery and the time it takes to recover are usually similar. Fiction usually portrays the treatment of a life changing injury as something which will take months or even years to fully recover from. There’s some truth to this idea. For a long time surgery was quite literally in the hands of a limited number of people. This also proved to be one of the more limiting factors of medicine.

The issue comes down to scale. Some of the most difficult injuries happen on a scale that is beyond the reach of any human hand. Worse, it’s often beyond the realm of the surgeon’s eye as well. This has limited progress in a number of different areas of medicine. But it’s been particularly troublesome with anything related to the spine or the related neurological system. The human body relies heavily on some very small things, hidden deep within the body, for some of the most basic and important functions. And when something goes wrong with these systems it’s traditionally been difficult to track down and treat. This is the main reason why people have the idea of long recovery times for any work on the spine. There was a time when work on the spine required quite extensive surgery in order to access the point of injury. And often times people weren’t able to even fully see the extent of an injury.

Thankfully, ChoosingWisely tells us that this has changed in recent years. A combination of high tech computer technology and advanced optics have given surgeons a new way to treat these types of problems. A good example of this can be found with a recent innovation, the AccuraScope procedure. AccuraScope is an exclusive technology used by North American Spine. The clinic is able to combine these two advances to reduce many complex spinal operations down to a small incision at the base of a patient’s back. The medical team can then use microscopic computerised systems to move through a patient’s spinal area and to the source of his or her problems. This mean that North American Spine can often treat people who’ve had lifelong issues within the span of a few hours. And they can even return home the same day.

While North American Spine is the only clinic to use AccuraScope, they’re part of an ongoing trend within spinal clinics. Breakthroughs in microscopic surgical instruments and the computational systems which power them are rapidly changing the face of the industry. But it’s not only an issue of better tools and computers. More clinics are also focusing on rehabilitation and lifestyle changes. As we’re able to see more deeply into the human body, we’re seeing how important various exercises are to a healthy body. And this is changing how people look at what constitutes a healthy life. Modern spinal clinics are of course working on new ways to treat injuries. On top of that they’re also helping patients find ways to modify their lifestyle to help further a healthy and active life.

However, one of the most important aspects of spinal clinics is patient admission. Many people who suffer from issues with their spine have assumed that nothing can be done. Anyone in that position should look into the possibility of an exam. Every year more and more breakthroughs are being made which can help people whose conditions seemed untreatable not too long ago.

Quadruple Rainbows Spotted

Many people around the world have never seen a single rainbow let alone four in close proximity of one another. On Tuesday, April 21, commuter Amanda Curtis caught sight of a quadruple reflected rainbow event while waiting for her morning train at the Long Island, New York Glen Cove station near Madison Street Capital. Curtis shared a picture of the rainbows on Twitter and other social media and it soon became viral across numerous social networks and news outlets.

This type of rare rainbow event occurs when a large reflective body of water exists behind the person observing the rainbows. In this case, Amanda Curtis was standing in front of Oyster Bay between the bay and the spot where she saw the four rainbows.

Rainbows form as the result of an optical illusion that occurs when sunlight is reflected off of water droplets in the air at an angle that refracts the light creating a “prism” effect of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet (ROYGBIV) colors in a striped pattern. A wide variety of rainbow events can occur. There are double and triple rainbow events, twinned rainbows that seem to start at the same point, full circle rainbows and supernumerary stacked rainbows. Rainbows can also appear to look different in their color and distribution. One or more rainbows during an event can appear as shades of red or completely white. Some rainbows can also appear foggy.

Sam Tabar’s Investment Tips for 2015

The New Year has begun and people are looking to make healthy lifestyle choices now more than ever. According to a recent survey by Fidelity Investment, over half of consumers have set financial resolutions for the New Year of 2015. While these resolutions are good willed, they are bound to fall through without the knowledge to actually make them happen. Fortunately, Columbia Law School trained attorney and capital strategist Sam Tabar has come up with the perfect investment tips to make 2015 a profitable year and shared them with CNBC.

The first thing Tabar urges novice investors not to do is to make risky investments. One type of investment that can be quite risky is a commodity trade. This market is more likely to change rapidly and unpredictably so investors should at least do their research before getting involved in a commodity trade. It is also important to note that high-risk investments require more start up money since they might result in short-term losses before producing a return.

Another avenue that investors can take is investing in private markets. For example, this can be done by investing in entrepreneurs and their ideas or start up businesses. This, again, requires a lot of research on the investors part, so they know what they are getting themselves into. However, as long as the investment is a wise decision, they are a great way to help other people in making their dreams come true.

No matter which stock market investors decide to get involved with first, Tabar urges them to keep their portfolio diverse. This way they will always have a stock to fall back on in case another one did not turn out as well as hoped. Lastly, Tabar’s most important advice is to start investing now. Often times investors hesitate to make their first investment and end up doing nothing at all. It would be unfortunate for people to end up in their retirement without having made any investments in the past to help them live a more comfortable life. After all, there is no better time than the present.

Source: CNBC

Mark Ahn Educates, Innovates and Inspires

I was at a leadership conference last weekend with a plethora of amazing speakers, but one in particular stood out to me. Mark Ahn has been a leader in the biotech industry and I truly believe he works for the betterment of society. As far as role models go, you could do a lot worse. If you’re wondering about who the heck this Mark Ahn guy is, here’s a little background…

An extensive education and a long list of experiences are two things that Pukana Partners, Ltd. Principal Mark Ahn has working in his favor. This great leader in the field of biotechnology continues to come up with innovations that have vast potential to heal those suffering from medical ailments and diseases. He also serves as the CEO of Galena Biopharma, a company that tests numerous vaccines and prescriptions for their safety to the general public.

While Ahn’s leadership qualities have stood the test of time thanks to his work in these businesses and others, they are not the only marks in his favor. He is an extremely well-educated man who has a passion for research and writing, and that has come out in his long list of publications. The papers and books that he have written are a testament to his scientific knowledge; more than 50 peer-reviewed publications is an impressive accomplishment all in itself.

Another aspect of his career is the time that he spends in front of classes full of college students. He has taught at such educational institutions as the College of New Jersey, Portland State University and Carnegie Mellon University. In these positions, he has shared his enthusiasm for biotechnology with students who are interested in the field, mentoring them and passing on his extensive knowledge to them so that they can become the biotech leaders of the future.

He realizes that there are many ways to positively impact society, and money can go a long way toward improving people’s lives. To that end, he has created the Center for Civic and Community Engagement, which is located at the College of New Jersey. Its purpose is to develop ways of helping the community through philanthropy and to encourage students to think of ways they might use their future funds to the benefit of society. He also regularly consults biotech startups on how to succeed.

Ahn has worked in a variety of different settings, and in addition to his educational experience, he also spent some time in the Army, which helped him to see a different side of life and gain an appreciation for global dynamics. His time in New Zealand at Wellington’s Victoria University also expanded his horizons and helped him understand how far-reaching this industry truly is. As more and more exciting opportunities open up in this field, he will remain on the forefront of biotechnology as he continues to explore its myriad benefits.

Dunkin Donuts to Offer Two New Items

Dunkin Donuts, one of the most popular chain restaurants in the entire county, is set to diversify their menu in the coming year. Diners have come to depend on the chain for light sandwiches, coffee and freshly made donuts. Now they can enjoy a new kind of main course or light snack here as well. The chain plans to bring out two new items to diners across the country. 

A chocolate croissant will be available for purchase in certain markets much to the chagrin of Dr Rod Rohrich. The pastry is topped with chocolate and designed to resemble the traditional pan au chocolate that is often eaten in France as part of breakfast. The chain has had success with previous uses of croissants. The new product is expected to flourish as well as Americans continue to embrace French desserts such as macaroons.

The other new item that will be on the Dunkin Donuts menu is the Tomato Mozzarella Supreme Bagel. This take on a classic pizza bagel will be offered in select markets across the country. The bagel will be topped with dried herbs to help give it flavor and provide diners with a burst of tastes. The classic bagel has long been a hit in many markets across the country. The new product is also expected to be quite popular. If it does well, the pizza bagel and the chocolate croissant will both be available at a local outlet.

The Browns Have Signed Tyler Thigpen

When the Browns lost Johnny Manziel for the season, they reached out to Rex Grossman, states However, Grossman did not want to come back to Susan McGalla, and to the team that cut him in training camp. Now, the Browns have signed Tyler Thigpen to play in week 17.

The Browns do not want to play Brian Hoyer for the final game of the season, and they want to see if they can keep their bench deep enough to stem any further problems. The Browns are in a tough position. Anyone they sign will come in for one day, and they may not make the team in the future. However, this is someone’s chance to show that they have skills. That same player could be picked up by another team in the future, or that player could be someone who sticks around with the Browns. Backup quarterbacks get paid well, and this means that someone could have a secure financial future. That person could be Tyler Thigpen after week 17 of the 2014 NFL season. If he gets in the game, this is his one cance to audition for other teams that might be in need of his services in the future, and he would do well to take that opportunity seriously.

The Increasing Health Risk In Children With Obesity

In today’s world our children and perhaps Dan Newlin have grown addicted to fast food and greasy nightmares. It seems that times are changing and very quickly when it comes to the way our children eat and are taught to eat. Many of this is all due to not having enough time in a day to prepare home cooked, healthy meals; so we look for the easy way out. Not because we are bad parents but because of long hours spent at work trying to make ends meat. Unfortunately, this is having a big affect on our children and their health. Children these days are more at risk for heart disease and many other health related problems brought on by processed, fat building foods. Making simple changes everyday can make a world of difference as you can find on Your text to link….

We need baby step solutions to help our children become healthy adults in the future. A lot of people may not think that changing something as simple as having your children drink more water, instead of juice will not have much impact are sadly mistaken. With childhood diabetes increasing in young adults, it is very crucial to watch their sugar intake as well. Fruits and vegetables as a side on each plate can also make a difference. Smaller portions and meals with less sodium can reduce the risk of early hypertension in young adults. After school activities such as sports are also great ideas in keeping our children healthy and in shape. I think we can all agree, our future entrepreneurs need our guidance. After all, this will be their ship to run long after we’re gone.

Pain Killer Problem

Some doctors realize that their patients are selling pain killers. This might be why fewer doctors are writing prescriptions for the drugs that are truly needed by some people. Those who have decided to abuse the drugs have made it harder for the ones who live a life in pain.
Doctors should have some way of regulating pain killers so that others can’t abuse them. There needs to be a way to monitor the use by limiting the number of prescriptions in a year for those who don’t need them as much as those who do need them. This could help cut down on some of the drug overdoses that occur as well. This story was shared by friend of the site Darius Fisher.