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QNETs Positive Thoughts Project Provides Clean Water For Disabled Children

Clean drinking water is essential for life on earth. Sadly, the poorest people and people that are infirmed often have to struggle to get access to clean water. People living in underdeveloped countries are many times forced to make do with water that is dirty and unsafe. And children are usually the ones that are affected most. But QNET, the company known for affordable, high-quality products, is doing something about it. They’ve created a program called the Positive Thoughts Project. Through this program QNET is helping to provide clean water for children with learning disabilities.

QNET will give a free HomePure RED water filtration system to two educational institutions that take care of children that have problems learning. And its easy for the public to help. As part of the Positive Thoughts Project, QNET will donate the water filtration systems if people leave 500 or more positive posts on the company’s FaceBook page during a two week period. People simply have to visit the FaceBook page and leave a positive thought as part of their post. QNET will then provide the Rashid Centre and the Taarana School with top of the line water filtration systems to ensure the educationally challenged children with which they work will have clean, safe water to drink.

The Positive Thoughts Project lasts for a month. If 500 positive thoughts are posted to the QNET/RYTHM Foundation FaceBook page in the first two weeks, the Taarana School will receive a 7-stage HomePure RED water filtration system. In the subsequent two weeks if 500 more positive thoughts are left on the FaceBook page, the Rashid Centre in the UAE will receive the same water filtration system at no cost. This program is a great way for people to help provide drinking water for vulnerable children without it costing them a single cent. The project also represents yet another way QNET gives back to the communities it serves.

QNET is known for offering great products at excellent prices. But the company does much more than that. It also provides employment opportunities and small businesses in poverty stricken areas. This has helped improve the quality of life for countless people. Plus through its charitable arm, the RYTHM Foundation, QNET has offered many other programs to help the less fortunate. Providing safe, clean, drinking water for children with learning disabilities through the Positive Thoughts Project is just the most recent.

Ethical Business Practices as Seen by Helane Morrison

The 2008 economical crisis that ravished the United States, as well as the majority of the Western World did not go unnoticed when it comes to transparency. A huge amount of things came to the fore front that shocked a lot of people during this time, as the drastic amount of corruption and unethical business practices that were conducted by so many major banks and businesses created a huge amount of unease. There is no denying the fact that the news that broke, not to mention the severity of the situation, caused a huge amount of people to gain a lot of distrust in the banks. This is not something that is impractical, as there were big red flags that were raised, and the end result was a lot of people losing their homes to foreclosures, people pulling their money out of the banks, and economic uncertainty in general.
Helane Morrison is a woman that has taken it upon herself to battle the massive amount of fraud and corruption that plagues our businesses and our very society today. She has a deep education and has made big strides when it comes to making these businesses accountable for the corrupt activities that they engage in frequently. This is huge when you consider the fact that the bulk of out corporations, our businesses and even our government do things constantly that are flat out illegal. This type of corruption has a trickle down effect that wreaks havoc on just about everyone that is in the working force, as well as each citizen that is living in the United States of America, so it has been the job of Helane Morrison to provide her services to assess this corruption.
One of the major things that Helane has dedicated her career to is creating a fair an equal environment in the workplace, as this has been a major issue in the past. Her stance that there are far too few women that are actively being engaged in leadership roles in businesses all over the country have shed a light on this and she has been an active and positive role on changing the situation. She has been an expert and revolutionary when it comes to creating a workplace that is not only fair inside the company, but that is engaging in business behavior and ethics that are up to standard and are following the law.

Who Is Online Darius Fisher?

Innovation 50 is a list of the most top rising stars in the world of digital communications and PR, and one of the top stars in this industry is ultimately Darius Fisher, known for his incredible work in the world of online reputation management. He has explained this opportunity or be a part of this amazing group is overwhelming but something he is not entirely surprised by considering the growth and change he has made in this field.

Darius is the owner of Status Labs, which is an online company that operates with the goal to help businesses and public figures with crisis management and their business. He can help polish any online search result, and he has been doing so for so many years helping out more than 1,500+ clients in over 35 countries. His entire team works with a full course of different businesses and public figures, and they all trust this guy to help get their brand out there while maintaining their brand name.

He says that his experience with dealing with horrible reviews or disrespect in the past has helped him become the businessman that he is today. He enjoys helping a business find their edge, develop their name, and attain true growth online despite having a reputation become damaged online.

His Incredible Team

He has explained that his amazingly impressive marketing team is what has helped him stay a step above the rest. The truth about the world of marketing and reputation management is that it can be tough to maintain thousands of clients and their businesses. Darius Fisher and his team all come together to bring about their biggest marketing tactics to help maintain the reputations of countless businesses. Each team member comes together to help market, protect, and care for every business out there and their reputation.

Status Labs has been in this business for countless years. They have worked hard over the years to help build a strong understanding of how businesses grow. Their understanding on how the whole Internet works is what helps separate them from the rest of the world. They also have some unique marketers who truly know how to build good reputations. Darius Fisher is the PR specialist to trust considering he knows the entire process of this industry, and he can help solve any issue you may have your clientele. They will work hard with every client to help them get back on track and become a better business.

Let A Real Estate Agent Help You Find A Home In New York City Real Estate

Have you ever been so frustrated when looking for real estate that you completely give up altogether? It may sound unbelievable, but there are some people that have tired of looking for a new place to live, and they just quit, and they choose to stay exactly where they currently are. No one wants to be stuck in a place that they don’t want to live, especially if there are other options. In New York City, there are many great places to live, but in certain cases it may be difficult for a person to find these great places.

The reason why some of the best places to live in New York City are hard to find is because they are listed with a specific real estate company. In certain cases, if the person is not working with a certain real estate company, then it’s not possible for them to get certain listings. If you’ve ever gone up to a building and saw that there were homes inside for rent, maybe you decided you wanted to call the number on the side of the building. If you’ve ever been told that you have to contact the real estate agent for the building, then you can understand how important a real estate agent is.

Certain companies that will build places that they are leasing out, they may only work with a real estate agency in order to rent out the homes. Companies know that real estate agents are knowledgeable about the places they are renting, and they can help to bring in additional sales. If you’re looking for the best place in New York City to live, then you’ll definitely want to hire a real estate agent. A real estate agent can help you to navigate through New York City real estate, and you’ll be able to find your next place much easier.

If you’re looking for a real estate agent that has some of the best listings around, then you want to go to Town Real Estate. Town Real Estate not only has some amazing listings, but some of the amenities available are one-of-a-kind. Many people are looking for NYC luxury real estate when they look for a place to live and they want a place that is big in size. Town Real Estate has some of the best listings around, and all you have to do is contact them to start looking for your new home.

Wall Street Journal Discovers Obama Administration Covered Up Extend of OPM Hack

When it was discovered that the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) had been hacked for a lengthy period of time starting in 2014 until well into 2015, the organization was quick to concede the cyber thieves conducted two hacks with one of them gaining access to the personnel files of roughly four million current and former federal workers. In and of itself, that represented a major security breach.

However, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the OPM’s assertion of two cyber-attacks was the result of close consultation within the Obama administration to shield the full extent of the breach from the public. In fact, the FBI quickly determined that the data base for security clearance applications, which includes people who applied for government work but never obtained it, was part of the original cyber intrusion. Had the administration’s report of the incident been transparent and forthright, the public would have been told that the personal data of 18 million Americans was compromised.

That said, Congress is now pressing the OPM Director Katherine Archuleta whether all 32 million names in the databases were compromised. That is huge, and Qnet as well as other companies try to avoid that. Thus far, she has refused to commit to any definitive statement as to the extent of the hack. She is also facing calls for her resignation over her handling of the situation. The lack of transparency is not going to win over any allies for Dir. Archuleta at this critical juncture.

World’s oldest person dies

The world’s oldest person Misao Okawa has died just a few weeks after celebrating her 117th birthday in Osaka, Japan,The Guardian reports. Miss Okawa was born on 5 March 1898 as the daughter of a Kimono store owner, she married Yukio in 1919 who died in 1931. Over the course of her life Okawa had two daughters and a son, who went on to give her four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren who are still living.

Staff members from the nursing home where Okawa lived for the final years of her life stated she had stopped eating around 10 days before her death on Wednesday morning and died peacefully with her family around her. According to AnastasiaDate, a nurse at the home stated she believed eating was her motivation for survival and after losing her appetite no longer had the strength to continue surviving stated The Guinness Book or World Records recognized Okawa as their oldest living person in 2013 and will now begin the search for the latest record holder. The Japanese Government stated a 115 year old woman is now their oldest living person, but her name would not be released to respect her privacy and that of her family.