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Sergio Cortes Doesn’t Stop Until Fans Get Enough

There are a ton of people that are interested in seeing a Michael Jackson impersonator. This opens up a lot of room for entertainers like Sergio Cortes. He is considered to be the best, but there are still a lot of people that have not discovered his magic on the stage yet. That is why Cortes is taking his tribute shows on the road. Fans are excited and the buzz about this is quite impressive.

The website noticias.r7 reports that Sergio Cortes is among the best in the industry when it comes to bringing the MJ legacy to the stage. His ability to entertain people as a Michael Jackson impersonator is actually two-fold. This reaches the old and new crowd. People that grew up on MJ will want to see Sergio perform, but the infatuation will not stop there. A young generation of fans that have never seen Jackson perform live will also take to this type of tribute show. That gives Sergio Cortes a big fan base. It is one of the best things about impersonating someone of this magnitude. He has songs that people know, and the music is timeless so new generations continue to pick this up.

Sergio Cortes has been seen on talk shows, and he knows that he is doing something that is a privilege. There are fans around the world that see the striking resemblance to Michael Jackson and they are amazed by Sergio even when he is not on the stage. That is what makes him one to watch. He has proven that he is the rightful torchbearer in this area of impersonating entertainers.

Many people have not taken the time to perfect their performance, but Sergio Cortes is different. He is a real professional that has managed to build a career as a full time impersonator. That is almost unheard of in this type of industry, but Cortes is doing it and succeeding at this. He has the costumes that shows that he has put a lot of time into these performances. He also has the moves that shows that he practiced for many hours with backup dancers.

The look and feel of an MJ show certainly comes through with these tribute shows. It is a wonderful thing for people that are excited about the catalog that Jackson left behind. Sergio does his best to run through all the favorites. Cortes will even deviate from the script sometimes and do some lesser known songs. This is all part of his love for MJ and his music. He has performed songs like “Ghost” for Halloween tribute shows along with the monster hit “Thriller.” Sergio Cortes gives his all to entertain MJ fans.

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