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The PAC Aiming To Get The Constitution Amended For The First Time In Decades

In 2010, a bill was passed into law, allowing Super PACs to fund the campaigns of their chosen candidates. While the law was passed with the best intentions at the heart of the Americans, it has created a loophole which has made it possible for dirty money to find its way into the local politics. The result of this will be politicians who have been funded by cartels, and consequently, the needs of the citizens will come second to those of the money lenders. One group that was very deeply involved in the last elections, the End Citizens United, has come out to condemn this bill strongly.

The End Citizens United is a political activism group which supports the Democratic Party and all their policies. They started their operations about two years ago. When they started out, their primary goal was to raise enough money to support a few Democrats in their campaigns. The PAC managed to surpass their fundraising goals by far. Even though their dream to see Hillary Clinton in office did not come right, they are keeping the fire burning by fighting for the reforms which will improve the country.

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For instance, they have managed to collect more than quarter of a million signatures for their Supreme Court petition. They have allied with the ready for Hillary Movement. They hope that this movement will give them more signatures because they have more than four million members. The group has allowed End Citizens United to use their email list to reach these members. The CEO of End Citizens claims that they have already managed to surpass the goals they had in getting financing to push the bill. She expressed amazement at the fact that more than 70 percent of the people contributing to the course were first-time donors. She believes that these are people who believe the group is doing the right thing and are trying to do what they can to help effect change.

Some critics have claimed that getting an amendment to the Constitution is an uphill task. They are even quoting statistics, which show that the Constitution has not been amended for close to three decades. However, the group feels that there is more to the process than just getting the amendment. They are for instance glad that they are getting enough media attention, and that citizens realize that there are issues with some of the laws. The CEO states that the first step towards achieving change in the society is ensuring that people understand that something is wrong. The moment that people know there is a need for change, they will be willing to be ambassadors of the same.