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Building The Dorchester Collection is a planned process for Christopher Cowdray

Enter any hotel in the World in the 21st century and you may find it hard to determine who owns the hotel and where in the World it is located. The Dorchester Collection CEO Christopher Cowdray does not wish for his brand to be a part of the mass market move towards a single style of decoration and branding to take over his unique brand within the luxury hotel market. While other luxury brands lose their identity and individuality in a drive to add more and more hotels to their chains, The Dorchester Collection is taking a different, organic approach to growing a brand that is luxurious with a unique sense of style for each location.

Cowdray is not a fan of the fast moving approach to expanding The Dorchester Collection, the trust placed in him by the owners of the group comes from his years of service as the manager of The Dorchester Hotel in London. According to Bloomberg, he group itself is concerned only with an organic growth achieved through the identification of only the correct hotels in the right cities around the World. The Dorchester Collection is not concerned with simply adding more and more hotels for the sake of it, instead the drive is to push the brand forward only when the right location has been identified.

The Dorchester Collection is in something of a unique position under the leadership of Cowdray in the fact that it is not driven by shareholders, instead owned by the Brunei Investment Agency. Cowdray explains that this allows the company to take a slower approach to expansion, without the added pressures of shareholders and numerous investors looking for profits to be achieved quickly. The CEO of The Dorchester Collection maintains the company is instead concerned with expanding to just 20 hotels over the course of the next decade, which will see the group maintain the feeling of exclusivity and luxury it has worked hard to develop under the leadership of Christopher Cowdray.

Success Flourishes with a Well-Rounded Lifestyle

In 1977, Bruce Levenson and Ed Peskowitz launched United Communications Group (UCG), which is a distinguished privately owned company specializing in data, analysis, and news in business industries such as healthcare, energy, mortgage banking, technology, and telecommunications. Originally started in a small storage room directly above Bruce’s dad’s liquor store in Washington DC, Levenson and his team currently operate UCG in Chevy Chase, Maryland. For over thirty years, Levenson propelled UCG by implementing strategic business plans and competitive acquisition efforts which ultimately facilitated the company to develop the best products and solutions around the world.

Levenson’s education at Washington University School of Political Science in St. Louis and American University School of Law in Washington DC provided the background for his endeavors and success. After graduation, Levenson accepted a position as a journalist for the Washington Star and later worked for Observer Publishing’s energy newsletter as a reporter. Later, during his term as CEO at UCG, Levenson launched Tech Target within the company and served as a director from 1999 until 2012. Along with his executive involvement with UCG, Levenson is currently an owner of Atlanta Spirit LLC, Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Thrashers, and Philips Arena.
In addition to his professional leadership, Levenson is an active and prominent figure in many philanthropic programs and organizations. More information can be found on his Wikipedia page. He is involved in the Community Foundation of Washington, DC, Hoop Dreams Foundation, and was the president of the “I Have A Dream” Foundation of Washington DC. He and his wife also founded the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. This well-known organization aims to provide students with effective skills to manage nonprofit foundations while simultaneously encouraging philanthropic events. Levenson is also an active donor to the United States Holocaust Museum. The Museum’s Bringing the Lessons Home program at the United States Holocaust Museum exposes inner city children to the vast history of the Holocaust. Levenson has also supported the SEED Foundation and the Seeds of Peace with generous donations and active involvement.
During his free time, Bruce Levenson enjoys spending time with his wife, kids, and grandchildren. One of his fondest memories with his wife involved a four day excursion in Antarctica. He is also an avid basketball and golf fan and loves to eat seafood in his hometown. Undeniably, Levenson’s well-rounded and diverse activities have greatly influenced his success in all aspects of his life.

Dr. Rod Rohrich – Best Dallas Plastic Surgeon

If you are in need of plastic surgery in the Southeast you need to look into Dr. Rod Rohrich. There is no one acquainted with plastic surgery who hasn’t heard of Dr. Rod Rohrich. This Dallas based plastic surgeon is also an academic and has authored various publications regarding plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery and other major areas in the field. On Dec 2014, he became D Magazine’s best Dallas plastic surgeon and no one can disagree that it is a well-deserved honor for the man. The advancements and innovations that Dr. Rod Rohrich has made in the field of plastic surgery are astounding.

He was raised in North Dakota and is currently the Chairman and Professor of UTWS’s Dept. of Plastic Surgery. His accolades include various honors, including Crystal Charity Ball and Betty and Warren Woodward Chair in his field of plastic surgery. ASPS’ official medical journal also has him on the position of the editor in chief. These achievements have been the reason that no one was surprised when he got the best Dallas plastic surgeon award from D Magazine.

The award was given on the basis of online polls that were confidential. Industry professionals and doctors were invited to vote for their favorite doctors and more than 40 specialties were included in the categories. The purpose of the award was to identify and honor physicians who are not only well respected, trusted and admired in their field but people who have made stellar contribution over the years of their career. Time and time again, Dr. Rod Rohrich has proven that his work is something to be noticed. Not just that, what sets him apart from other surgeons in the field is his commitment towards his patients. He is known for doing what is best for the patients. Prejudices and personal issues never come in the way of his work.

Getting the award, he was happy and could help mentioning his outstanding team without which he wouldn’t be standing where he is. He added how compassionate, loyal and communicative his team was and said that they were the main reason why his facility was unarguably the best in Dallas for plastic surgery.

Dr. Rod Rohrich also took this time to educate people about the difference between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. He said that the former was easily the best of both worlds because it also included reconstructive surgery. His research and his excellent skill in the field have made the voters of the poll very happy about the results.

The Life And Unique Qualities of QNet CEO Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran, the CEO of QNet, is also a great author of many books covering topics in the business and social arenas. He was born in 7 October 1960 in Petang Malaysia. He is known for his great contributions in perpetuating entrepreneurship and imparting successful business practices. He has features in many magazines including the Forbes magazine for his great success and contribution. Aswaran graduated from the London School of Economics with a socio-economic degree. You may note that he is a hard working person from his great history. Immediately after graduating from the London School of Economics, he embraced several jobs including plucking grapes and driving cubs for a living. This is not all you may learn about Vijay, read on to get some facts about his career and achievements.

You have heard about the QI group before. Well, this is an e-commerce firm that hosts businesses in various fields including travel, media, telecommunications, and corporate investments among others. More info seems to be posted on YouTube all the time. All this came about courtesy of Vijay’s efforts and dedication. He co-founded this company in the year 1998 and its impact today cannot be overlooked. The QI has offices in nearly ten countries thereby confirming the fact that it is managed by well equipped people. Among this group is Vijay who forms their leader and strategic planner.

Vijay Eswaran has also been highlighted as being philanthropic due to his actions towards the society. Through his foundation (Vijayaratnam Foundation), he has managed to extend great resources to the society by offering mentorship programs, donations and charity programs that have changed the lives of many people. Therefore, his actions are admirable considering that most successful people tend to remain dormant as far as giving back to the society is concerned. His philanthropic tendencies saw him categorized among the 48 ‘Heroes of Philanthropy’ in Forbes Asia.

It is also imperative to note that Vijay has been identified as a good speaker and author. He has featured in big forums including the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas and the World Economic Forum. He managed to address different issues that every entrepreneur would like to hear about. Vijay is a good author and he successfully released his first publication in 2005 titled In the Sphere of Silence. He also wrote other books such as In the Thinking Zone, which features a collection of thoughts about life and how to maneuver through different situations. Generally, the contributions that Vijay has made in both the social and economic spheres cannot be overlooked.


Mark Ahn Educates, Innovates and Inspires

I was at a leadership conference last weekend with a plethora of amazing speakers, but one in particular stood out to me. Mark Ahn has been a leader in the biotech industry and I truly believe he works for the betterment of society. As far as role models go, you could do a lot worse. If you’re wondering about who the heck this Mark Ahn guy is, here’s a little background…

An extensive education and a long list of experiences are two things that Pukana Partners, Ltd. Principal Mark Ahn has working in his favor. This great leader in the field of biotechnology continues to come up with innovations that have vast potential to heal those suffering from medical ailments and diseases. He also serves as the CEO of Galena Biopharma, a company that tests numerous vaccines and prescriptions for their safety to the general public.

While Ahn’s leadership qualities have stood the test of time thanks to his work in these businesses and others, they are not the only marks in his favor. He is an extremely well-educated man who has a passion for research and writing, and that has come out in his long list of publications. The papers and books that he have written are a testament to his scientific knowledge; more than 50 peer-reviewed publications is an impressive accomplishment all in itself.

Another aspect of his career is the time that he spends in front of classes full of college students. He has taught at such educational institutions as the College of New Jersey, Portland State University and Carnegie Mellon University. In these positions, he has shared his enthusiasm for biotechnology with students who are interested in the field, mentoring them and passing on his extensive knowledge to them so that they can become the biotech leaders of the future.

He realizes that there are many ways to positively impact society, and money can go a long way toward improving people’s lives. To that end, he has created the Center for Civic and Community Engagement, which is located at the College of New Jersey. Its purpose is to develop ways of helping the community through philanthropy and to encourage students to think of ways they might use their future funds to the benefit of society. He also regularly consults biotech startups on how to succeed.

Ahn has worked in a variety of different settings, and in addition to his educational experience, he also spent some time in the Army, which helped him to see a different side of life and gain an appreciation for global dynamics. His time in New Zealand at Wellington’s Victoria University also expanded his horizons and helped him understand how far-reaching this industry truly is. As more and more exciting opportunities open up in this field, he will remain on the forefront of biotechnology as he continues to explore its myriad benefits.