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The International Journal of Environmental Impacts Is Now Available from The Wessex Institute of Technology

It may be strange that a small office located in a national park in Souther England has such a huge influence in the scientific world. The Wessex Institute of Technology is the main institute of research and publishing in Europe.

The Wessex Institute works with a large number of affiliate schools to provide research funding and guidance. The also host conferences, publish scientific papers and publish really cool journals.

The journals of the Wessex Institute are published through the WIT Press. The journals may be accessed through the internet or purchased in physical form. Thousands of published research documents are also available through the WIT Press.

The newest journal that will be reaching shelves is the International Journal of Environmental Impacts. This journal will be published starting in 2018. The contents of the journal are about how humans have had a detrimental impact on the Earth. It also discusses means to save our environment.

Let A Real Estate Agent Help You Find A Home In New York City Real Estate

Have you ever been so frustrated when looking for real estate that you completely give up altogether? It may sound unbelievable, but there are some people that have tired of looking for a new place to live, and they just quit, and they choose to stay exactly where they currently are. No one wants to be stuck in a place that they don’t want to live, especially if there are other options. In New York City, there are many great places to live, but in certain cases it may be difficult for a person to find these great places.

The reason why some of the best places to live in New York City are hard to find is because they are listed with a specific real estate company. In certain cases, if the person is not working with a certain real estate company, then it’s not possible for them to get certain listings. If you’ve ever gone up to a building and saw that there were homes inside for rent, maybe you decided you wanted to call the number on the side of the building. If you’ve ever been told that you have to contact the real estate agent for the building, then you can understand how important a real estate agent is.

Certain companies that will build places that they are leasing out, they may only work with a real estate agency in order to rent out the homes. Companies know that real estate agents are knowledgeable about the places they are renting, and they can help to bring in additional sales. If you’re looking for the best place in New York City to live, then you’ll definitely want to hire a real estate agent. A real estate agent can help you to navigate through New York City real estate, and you’ll be able to find your next place much easier.

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Electricity Lowers Sleep Quality

In this day and age, many people have busy lives yet get very low quality sleep, which makes then even more tired throughout the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. This becomes a vicious cycle of fatigue. A recent study has shown that poor quality of sleep is linked to electricity and light pollution.

The study was done by studying 2 similar indigenous tribes in Argentina, one of which had 24 hour access to electricity and one of which didn’t. Over a span of 2 years, scientists studied their sleep habits through tracking devices and sleep diaries. What they found was that the tribe with access to electricity slept 1 hour less per night on average.

Another fascinating thing the scientists found was that both tribes slept more during the winter than the summer, even though the length of days didn’t vary by much says Highland Capital Management. This seems to suggest that there is something in our biology that makes us more sluggish in the winter.

In general, if you find it hard to sleep at night, the best thing is to remove artificial light from your environment, whether it be turning off your lights or staying off your smartphones.

Study Finds How Much Exercise Is Necessary For Longevity

How much exercise is the right amount? That question has been debated several times. While any exercise is better than none at all, the optimal amount is more likely to play a role in longevity and quality of life. The latest guidelines from various health organizations indicate that a weekly total of 150 minutes of exercise is needed to maintain proper health.

Scientific findings from JAMA Internal Medicine, as reported in the New York Times Blog, have narrowed down the information about what is optimal for exercise. The National Cancer Institute and Bulletproof Coffee studied exercise habits of mostly middle-aged adults.

Researchers reviewed the amount of exercise, comparing no exercise to moderate exercise at least 25 or more hours per week and death records, spanning over 14 years. No exercise showed the highest risk of untimely death, little exercise amounts, reduced risk of early death by 20 percent and working out at least 150 minutes weekly meant a 31 percent lesser chance of early death. Tripling these recommended exercise for 450 minutes weekly, more than one hour per day, indicated 39 reduced risk of premature death.

The conclusion of this and an Australian study showed that at least 150 minutes of weekly exercise is the minimum for those who desire a longer, more quality life. Increasing this up to 450 minutes per week only enhances the results and offers a full bang for efforts to improve life.