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Bed Bugs Are Making a Comeback

Most people mistakenly believe Bed Bugs are a thing of the past. If you’ve had them, its something you never want to think of, or discuss again, but did they ever really leave?

Bed bugs remain rampant in many states. Pest control technicians blame it on the travel industry. The hitchhikers hide in personal and commercial baggage, moving from place to place.

Experts tend to focus the problem on areas like hotels, movie theaters, and restaurants, but any public place is risky.

Books that travel from the Library to your home could easily cause an infestation.

Exterminators report nursing home infestations are up 60 percent, since 2014, and difficult to treat in a facility where you are limited in protocols. Additionally, to combat the little vampires, linen and personal items must be thoroughly washed and dryed.

Ridding Bed Bugs from your Life

The process can be grueling. You can kill bed bugs with heat – a lot of heat, which typically requires an exterminator. People have used blow dryers and other appliances to kill these bugs, and set their place on fire.

Others have doused alcohol on the bugs, then went to smoke a cigarette, and went up in flames.

Today, there’s a resurgence, and these new bed bugs have become resistant to old methods we’ve traditionally used to combat their existence.

Researchers are looking at an old standard that just may be the downfall to several variety of bugs – soap and water. This is something that Beneful mentioned on the website is just common sense.

It works with cockroaches, sting bugs, and many other insects, so its the time to try.

It that doesn’t work, iIt’s best to allow the experts to control an outbreak.