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George Soros Didn’t Give A $33 Million Funding To #BlackLivesMatter

One of the directors of the Open Source Foundations responds to the rumor that has been pushing mainstream outlets and conspiracy theorists that George Soros is funding the movement. In the start of the Black Lives Matter that has interrupted speeches by Jeb Bush and Bernie Sanders over the past month, right wing blogs, voices on the social media as well as general interest sites have all been pointing to the conspiracy involving the billionaire George Soros and an amount clearly stated $33 million. The American philosopher Thomas Lifson wrote that the Soros founded the #blacklivesmatter movement that is will be a significant problem for the democrats.

Some of the rumors are going viral in social media as far as making an appearance in the FoxNews rating power house in July. The question is, Who is funding the movement? One of the big investors is pointed out to be George Soros, who donates large amounts of dollars to groups that are directing businesses with the movement. Soros is also goving money directly to the prominent entertainers Jay-Z and beyonce as reported by host Bill O’Rilley. O’Rilley’s guest at that time was Kelly Riddell. Kelly wrote an investigative report that said Soros has been funding left wing organizations.

Kelly also says that the group of #BlacklivesMatter was a movement that was initiated and run by the three women working at Soros open Source Foundation. He said that Soros is funding thousands of dollars every year to this organization and a specific amount to the #BlackLivesMatter he has donated #33 million dollars. O’Rilley also says in his report that the Republican national convention in Cleveland was the particular target.

The billionaire has not given any amount of money to the three ladies activists involved in the campaign on Twitter. Ken Zimmerman, one of the directors of open Source foundation that it is wrong and he cannot speculate where one leads to rumors. He goes as far as saying that he doesn’t know how someone can begin constructing such rumors from. This information can be found on the Daily Beast

George Soros is the chairperson and founder of the open source foundation in the United States. He has a high inspired commitment to a free society where no one has a monopoly on the truth, a regime that is directly responsible to the people and a regime that respects the rights of the ordinary people. This makes the foundation one of the biggest philanthropic efforts in history.

Soros began his efforts in 1979 and gave scholarships to South Africans under the Apartheid organization. In the 1980s, Soros helped in the undermining of communism by issuing Xerox copy machines to copy banned texts as well as supporting cultural exchanges in the West. This information cn be found in Open Source Foundations.