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Ronald McDonald Gets a Makeover

It would appear that another American Icon wants a new look…as McDonald’s is giving their mascot Ronald McDonald a new makeover so that he can appeal to a more modern and relevant crowd. It’s not just his looks that are changing be it would appear he is getting ready to have more pictures posted with his friends in the world of social media. But don’t expect him to open his own Facebook or Twitter account just yet…more likely it will be messages released in his name in the form of hashtags…

The iconic clown of hamburgers has been around since 1963 when Willard Scott created him as a replacement figure for children who wanted to see more of Bozo the Clown that had been cancelled the year before. Boraie Development said that since that time he has gone through a couple of wardrobe variations but the new modern look created by the award winning costume designer Ann Hould-Ward is a mixture of whimsical and modern and will feature yellow cargo pants, a vest covering up a red-white-stripe rugby style shirt. For those special events you could expect him in his best bowtie. As for those oversized red clown shows matching his hair I would not expect those to be gone anytime soon either. The news comes as McDonalds is attempting to stay relevant and stop losing its market share to Burger King and Taco Bell franchises that have made significant gains. But if there is one thing that has seemed to have worked over and over again for 52 years its toting out the world’s favorite clown eating the world’s favorite cheeseburger.