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Sergio Cortes Doesn’t Stop Until Fans Get Enough

There are a ton of people that are interested in seeing a Michael Jackson impersonator. This opens up a lot of room for entertainers like Sergio Cortes. He is considered to be the best, but there are still a lot of people that have not discovered his magic on the stage yet. That is why Cortes is taking his tribute shows on the road. Fans are excited and the buzz about this is quite impressive.

The website noticias.r7 reports that Sergio Cortes is among the best in the industry when it comes to bringing the MJ legacy to the stage. His ability to entertain people as a Michael Jackson impersonator is actually two-fold. This reaches the old and new crowd. People that grew up on MJ will want to see Sergio perform, but the infatuation will not stop there. A young generation of fans that have never seen Jackson perform live will also take to this type of tribute show. That gives Sergio Cortes a big fan base. It is one of the best things about impersonating someone of this magnitude. He has songs that people know, and the music is timeless so new generations continue to pick this up.

Sergio Cortes has been seen on talk shows, and he knows that he is doing something that is a privilege. There are fans around the world that see the striking resemblance to Michael Jackson and they are amazed by Sergio even when he is not on the stage. That is what makes him one to watch. He has proven that he is the rightful torchbearer in this area of impersonating entertainers.

Many people have not taken the time to perfect their performance, but Sergio Cortes is different. He is a real professional that has managed to build a career as a full time impersonator. That is almost unheard of in this type of industry, but Cortes is doing it and succeeding at this. He has the costumes that shows that he has put a lot of time into these performances. He also has the moves that shows that he practiced for many hours with backup dancers.

The look and feel of an MJ show certainly comes through with these tribute shows. It is a wonderful thing for people that are excited about the catalog that Jackson left behind. Sergio does his best to run through all the favorites. Cortes will even deviate from the script sometimes and do some lesser known songs. This is all part of his love for MJ and his music. He has performed songs like “Ghost” for Halloween tribute shows along with the monster hit “Thriller.” Sergio Cortes gives his all to entertain MJ fans.

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Sergio Cortes Brings Michael Jackson To Life In Live Performances in Italy

Michael Jackson was a singular, beloved entertainer, whose numerous albums, unforgettable shows, and love for the dramatic made him the “King of Pop,” both in the United States and worldwide. From a child in the Jackson 5 to his own skyrocket of a career, Jackson was known for his interesting vocalizations, moving songs, and dazzling dance moves during his live shows.

So it was a loss to the music world when Jackson passed away in the summer of 2009, right as he was set to embark on a comeback world tour. Hundreds of thousands mourned the late entertainer, and no one has managed to take his place as the rightful king of music. There remains to this day a hole in the music industry where the legend that was Michael Jackson once stood.

But now, it seems, that the legend has come alive once again in the form of the world’s greatest Michael Jackson impersonator, Sergio Cortes. Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, and currently residing in Brasil, Cortes has been impersonating Jackson for decades, only coming to prominence after the musician’s death.

In 2012, Cortes began performing live and on the web to the delight of Michael Jackson fans, who were blown away with the physical resemblance the two men share. Indeed, Cortes has been studying Jackson since he was a child, mirroring the famed dancer and singer so closely that it is difficult for even those who knew Jackson to tell them apart when looking at them on a screen.

For 44 year-old Cortes, it is a dream come true to imitate, with great success, Michael Jackson. As fans grew aware of his performances, Cortes took to social media and video sharing sites to allow his fans better access to his performances. He is especially loved in Central and South America, where the adoration for Cortes nearly equals the adoration for Jackson, and he consistently performs tribute shows in and around the continent.

Now, for the first time ever, Sergio Cortes and his band will perform “Human Nature Live,” a tribute show featuring Michael Jackson’s biggest hits, live for one in December in Padova, Italy, giving his European fans a chance to watch him in action up close. Another show date has been added to the calendar, indicating that Cortes and his crew will recapture the magic of Michael Jackson one more time in early January in Milano, Italy.

Those who know and love Michael Jackson’s work are thrilled with Cortes, who has taken his imitation of Jackson to new heights, perfectly mimicking his voice, his moves, and now, the brilliance of his live shows. And as Jackson was particularly fond of his imitators, it would suffice to say he would be proud of Cortes and his work.

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Why Sergio Cortes Is Considered The Best Michael Jackson Impersonator

They say everyone has a doppelganger. Well then, Michael Jackson’s doppelganger could be Sergio Cortes. Cortes is a Michael Jackson impersonator that looks, moves, and dances so much like Michael Jackson, people can’t tell them apart. It has been that way all of Sergio Cortes’ life.

As a pre-teen in Barcelona, Spain, people would come from all over to see Sergio Cortes dance and take pictures of his face because he looked so much like Michael Jackson. Bunches of newspaper and magazine articles were written about him by the time he was a teen. When images and video of Cortes mimicking Michael made their way online, Cortes became an international star.

That was 30 years ago. Today Cortes is in his 40s and is in even more demand than ever. The passing of Michael Jackson has left a void in many people’s lives, but seeing Sergio Cortes impersonating Michael helps to fill that void. And Cortes is glad to do it. Michael Jackson was his childhood idol and through a trick of nature the two look identical. Cortes feels like it’s a sacred duty to bring pleasure to as many people as possible with his impersonations of the king of pop. So he travels all over the world doing just that.

Cortes recently started a European tour that began in Italy and will take him through some of Europe’s best known cities. It’s a large production with dancers, back-up singers, and an amazing light show. The response from the fans has been tremendous. There are some of the same screaming fans that attended Michael Jackson’s concerts. Cortes is greeted warmly, and after a few minutes, the music and the moves take over and the fans get caught up in the experience. For a few hours they get to enjoy the magic of Michael Jackson once more.

For Sergio Cortes it’s an exhilarating experience. He, too, is swept up by the music and the moment as he does the movements he’s been doing his entire life. What makes people call Sergio Cortes the best Michael Jackson impersonator ever is not just their shared looks and his flawless mimicking of Michael’s moves. It’s also the way Cortes has mastered Michael’s mannerisms. The complete production draws fans into the show and the spirit of Michael Jackson seems to permeate the atmosphere. To many people seeing Sergio Cortes impersonate Michael Jackson is an unforgettable experience.