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Cruz apologizes for Biden joke

News of the death of Vice President Joe Biden’s son Beau has largely seen the politician left alone with his grief as politicians and commentators instead chose to praise the work of Beau Biden before his death from brain cancer. GOP Presidential candidate Senator ted Cruz has been the only public figure to take aim at Biden during the last few days and was forced to apologize for a joke made about Biden during a recent fund raising event, Market Watchreports.

Cruz was giving a speech in Michigan to his supporters when he brought up the name of Joe Biden and followed it by saying jokes about the Vice President do not need a punchline. A video of the speech has aired on news shows and appeared across the Internet, prompting Cruz to apologize for the joke and admit he made a mistake. Cruz posted his apology to his Facebook and Twitter feeds in a bid to limit the damage caused by the joke and stated he should not have made the joke at that time. President Obama will deliver the eulogy for Beau Biden on Saturday in Delaware, where he was a popular political figure who had announced plans to run for the Senate.

Thanks to Ivan Ong for showing me this story.