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FreedomPop Expands to the UK

FreedomPop has been turning heads in the mobile phone service industry since opening up in 2012. The company offers free mobile services to individuals, all without signing up for a contract or long term commitment. The company essentially purchases data from Sprint and other larger service providers for wholesale prices and then provides the data for free to its customers up to 500 MB worth of data, along with 200 minutes of talk and 200 minutes of text. From there, clients are able to purchase more for a small fee, if they like. The company has proven so successful that the larger companies are trying to buy it out, but FreedomPop has turned down all offers. It has started to make such a dent in major service providers that FreedomPop is now able to expand to the UK, which is proving to be specially valuable. So, not only can UK customers make the switch over to FreedomPop, but customers in the United States have the ability to roam over to the United Kingdom and not pay the expensive roaming fees.

In the UK, customers who decide to go with FreedomPop are give 200 minutes, 200 text messages and 200 MB of data for free. This is equal to a basic cell phone plan in England, only here it is free. Best of all, it also provides free international calling to over 60 countries, so if someone in the Uk wants to call Canada, Mexico, Australia, Thailand, Germany or dozens of other countries, they are able to do so, all free of charge. FreedomPop is also using something known as Jetsetter, which it is creating. Jetsetter is a free roaming data SIM card. It comes attached with 100 MB of free high-speed data. This SIM allows customers of the company to roam to eventually 20 different countries, all without having to pay any sort of roaming data charge.

This is all big news as the company continues to expand into other regions, especially in the United States. FreedomPop is up to around 1 million customers inside of the United States and it looks like it is going to continue to expand, especially as more and more services and more and more customers make the switch over to FreedomPop. The company has also been able to raise a large sum of money to continue expanding its services. In order to give away a large amount of the purchased data, the profit margins are not very high, so the company needs to expand and bring in more customers and to purchase larger and larger chunks of data from service providers for lower prices.

All of this is proving to be extremely desirable and beneficial for the company, and while it is still one of the newer companies on the market today, it is growing by leaps and bounds and will most likely make some of the other tech companies start to sweat a bit while it grows by providing free services to customers.