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UFC on Fox 13, Recap

UFC on Fox 13 was a smashing success. The fights delivered, big time. The audience of Phoenix, Arizona’s U.S Airways arena, was jam packed. Not only that, but the audience was rocking when the action occurred in the ring. The fights on the card proved to be a wonderful showcase for Mixed Martial Arts.

The co-main event was a bloodbath of a battle. Nate Diaz took on Rafael Dos Anjos in a brutal three round war. I felt personally, that there was a great deal of bias for Rafael Dos Anjos. Nate Diaz is one of the toughest lightweights on the planet. Dos Anjos did not have as easy of a night, as the UFC commentators would like its audience to believe. Sure Dos Anjos won, but it was a tough, three round battle.

The fight was a grueling test of attrition between the two heavyweight warriors. Dos Santos eventually won the fight by unanimous decision. President of the UFC, Dana White, was extremely impressed with the card. 

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