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Finding Growth in the Negative

Perfection is often easily obtained in fiction. Unfortunately in real life this is not always the case. White Shark Media understands this and turns to clients for assistance in growing closer to perfection with every piece of negative feedback received.

While some companies may shy away from client complaints, White Shark Media carefully reviews every comment received to figure out how to become better. This is true for any aspect of the company, whether it is a flaw in a new offering or an older offering that is not working as well as it should. Utilizing feedback received has had a positive effect on the overall growth of the company, as well as client satisfaction.

One example of how White Shark Media has utilized feedback to grow towards a more efficient company for clients involves the ease with which a client can contact a representative.

As White Shark Media was forming many clients had a difficult time reaching the contact person for their account. After receiving negative feedback on this process, White Shark Media was able to create a better, more streamlined way to speak with account representatives whenever needed. Read more: and

Another example showing how White Shark Media strives to meet all of a clients needs involves steps taken to help save clients money. Many clients wish White Shark Media provided SEO services and while the company is not equipped to handle those specific tasks, the company does strive to ensure clients are utilizing reputable companies to fulfill their SEO needs.

Perfection is an ongoing process. In order to reach levels even close to perfection a company must be willing to make changes as needed.

Often those close to the company overlook necessary changes, which is why negative feedback from clients can be so important to properly fixing issues that may not have been otherwise recognized.

White Shark Media embraces constructive feedback whenever possible to rise above the negative and seek perfection.