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Michel Terpins and Maykel Justo, The Unstoppable Duo of the Bull Sertes Rally Team

The unstoppable duo of Michel Terpins and Maykel Justo have seen many wins in rallies within Brazil. However, this team has recently reached a new level of achievements with the 25-year edition of the Sertões Rally. Competing in the Prototypes T1 and as winners of two out of the three stages, they led the category and were tagged at the top fastest racers in the event. They were also given the title of the fourth overall winners that accomplished the set targets within 11 hours 45 minutes and 23 seconds.

This year’s competition was attended by 280 participants, with both pilots and navigators coming from different all regions of the nation. A few of the participants also traveled from other countries and a total of 161 vehicles, entered the car rally category for the various stages of this event.

The team of Michel Terpins and Maykel Justo faced car troubles in the third stage that caused them to slow down and not win this stage successfully. These car issues resulted during the Marathon stage wherein the car failed to receive the needed tunings and support at the end of the day. The vehicle that was being driven was the T-Rex that faced a mechanical issue of a broken gearbox as well as rear suspension damage. The breakdown, in turn, caused the driver of the vehicle to have no option but to remove his foot from the accelerator to avoid injuries to both the car and themselves. Despite this setback, Michel Terpins and his team mate managed to achieve the fourth title in the Prototype T1. They were also awarded the tenth rank in the overall championship rally race.

While Michel Terpins was competing for the tenth time in the Bull Sertões Rally event, Maykel Justo was participating for the second time in a row. Michel terpins had debuted in the motorcycle category in the same rally in the year 2002, after which he joined his brother Rodrigo Terpins in car rallies a few years later. In the short span of four years, Michel and his team have evolved at an impressive rate while implementing navigation and piloting techniques which has made them be noticed by many people while completing the various stages at Brazilian rallies.