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North American Spine Helps With Local Yoga Recess Day

On Tuesday, Match 24, North American Spine and the Yoga Health Foundation united to provide 50 four and five-year-olds with Yoga Recess Day. NAS deals with patients every day who are suffering from back pain ranging from mild to severe, so they wanted to be apart of this event. The day consisted of specialized yoga designed to encourage kindergartners in the development of both mind and body. These children live with physical and mental challenges.

The day was designed to be fun for kids and to reinforce the idea of yoga. The kids have fun learning the different poses in a playful manner. Dr. Burgher enforces the concept that most back pain is preventable with proper stretching throughout the day, and he recommends flexible strengthening exercises be added into your daily routine. Dr. Burgher is a specialist in pain management with North American Spine.

Yoga is designed to prevent back pain by strengthening the core muscles both in the back and in the abdomen. A stronger muscular structure will improve muscle groups and allow them to work together more efficiently to support the spine. Physicians prescribe yoga before considering surgery. It is a conservative, but effective treatment, and for those who adopt yoga into their lives, it could prevent any further action.

Yoga also improves flexibility in muscles thereby strengthening the skeleton. Experts at NAS recommend this philosophy be added into every adult’s life by simply walking every two hours when working in a sitting position. They also recommend changing positions to improve the blood flow to the disc and increase healing.

In cooperation with Yoga Recess Day, 50 yoga mats were donated by North American Spine to the kindergarten class at Robert E. Lee Elementary School in Dallas, Texas. North American Spine is the exclusive provider of the AccuraScope Procedure that claims an 82 percent success rate using minimally invasive techniques.