The Many Endeavors Of Jason Hope

Have you ever noticed that the people who do great things in society, never really receive the credit that’s due. It seems like professional athletes and entertainers get most of the credit even though the majority have never done much to better man-kind. Unfortunately this is the world we live in, but just know that there are many talented individuals out there and a guy named Jason Hope is the topic of this discussion.

Jason Hope is literally a brilliant minded individual whom uses his intellect to better man-kind. This guy is known as an entrepreneur, investor, and futurist. His heart belongs to technology and the use of it, which has led Jason Hope on a successful path in life. Mobile Communications was and it still is big as he started out by selling premium text messages. This small untapped niche was a gold mine and Hope made a nice living from doing so.

The guy has a Finance Degree as well as an MBA from Arizona State University. This is where is learned much of his successful business sense, but being an entrepreneur, Hope understands that taking risks is all a part of the game. Jason Hope built his career off of one customer when he was working for an advertising and marketing company. Being extremely lucky, that one referral changed his whole life for the better and he hasn’t looked back since. Besides having such success in the business world, Hope has always had a big heart. His philanthropic nature has caused him to invest his time and money into healthcare. The SENS Foundation is where he’s put a lot of focus as it is focused on finding cures for many of today’s illnesses.

Jason Hope is a product of his own environment. Having this much success and knowledge and allowed him to do some very unique things and it’s the blueprint of his success.

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Stem Cell Therapy Makes Giant Leaps In The Medical Industry

While technology continues to advance and unfold in most areas of life, the Lung Institute is on top of new developments and treatments regarding Stem Cell Therapy. The Lung Institute is dedicated to helping those patients who suffer from chronic lung conditions.

There’s a protocol that’s been initiated by the Lung Institute that alleviates symptoms of chronic lung disease while addressing the advancement of the disease. Their sensitive and understanding physicians are focused on the use of the best technology available today while realizing the individual needs of every patient. They have halted the use of archaic treatments and replaced them with this advanced treatment that won’t result in negative side effects.

To understand the positive progression in the area of stem cells, it’s important to know what stem cells are. Stem cells are basically the requirement of life in every organism. They are naturally present throughout your body and are housed in your bone marrow. Doctors retrieve these cells and begin the process of therapy. For more details,  see Lung Institute’s treatment page

Stem Cell Therapy takes healthy stem cells from different parts of your body and reintroduces them into the diseased area where they are able to perform the same function as the cells already present. They adapt and change their function to the location needed. In this situation, they are injected into the lung area and take on the function of lung cells. But, these cells are healthy and have regenerative properties that lead to healing. By implementing such treatments, you are eradicating the negative side effects commonly present in other treatments allowing the people to experience minimally invasive procedures.

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USHEALTH Group Is The Gold Standard For Customer Service

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is a Fort Worth-based company. Mother company to Freedom Life Insurance Company and the National Foundation Life Insurance Company, USHEALTH is dedicated to giving families and individuals accident and disability, life, and specified disease/sickness insurance. The company caters to families, individuals, small business owners, and the business’ employees. Through USHEALTH’s subsidiaries, they have served over 15 million customers for over 5 decades.



 USHEALTH Group understands that people who need specified disease/sickness and accident coverage need personalized plans and services that suit their specific needs. Therefore, they give an array of options to allow customers to choose which options are best suited for their needs. USHEALTH’s product models promote customer choice, making them more than qualified to deal with every customer’s affordability, reliability, and flexibility needs when it comes to insurance choices.



For people who are on a strict budget, or those who have concerns about high annual deductibles, USHEALTH offers a plethora of products that provide them with first dollar benefits for all services covered and in-network discounts across a large board of providers. These first-dollar-benefit plans tend to make plans more affordable than other ones without removing any protection or assurances that comprehensive plans guarantee.



USHEALTH has a plan for everyone, whether it’s protection against critical illness, specified disease/sickness and accidents, or prevention coverage like income protector, term life insurance, term accident disability income, and dental/vision plans. USHEALTH sets themselves apart from other companies that are focused on low customer loyalty and high customer turnover by creating valued relationships with their customers.



USHEALTH subsidiaries function under two main philosophies. They believe that every single customer is different and unique, and should be treated as such. They also believe that the “one size fits all” approach to customers is never the right answer. Because of these philosophies, USHEALTH offers an array of choices of affordable solutions with the goal of meeting each and every customer’s needs.



The company has been awarded as a 2013 Top 50 North American Call Center for their exceptional customer service and claim processing. USHEALTH has become the gold standard for their average claim processing times and payment cycles. They have built an exceptional reputation for the way they care for their customers, receiving an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.



USHEALTH Group, Inc. is led by professional experts who have spent their lives in the industry. President and CEO Troy McQuagge began his insurance career in 1983, Executive Vice President Konrad Kober has been in the industry since 1990, and Executive Vice President Cynthia Koenig has been working in insurance since 1993. USHEALTH hires only the very best to lead the way in exceptional care for their customers.

Take Care of Your Hair the Wen Way

Some women are blessed with hair that is naturally very healthy and luscious however, most of us are striving to just maintain our crazy, wild hair. Those of us who aren’t so blessed to have the gorgeous, silky natural hair are in luck; there are tons of products on the shelves to help us achieve our goal!

According to Wikipedia, the source of your healthy hair starts at the scalp. Just like everything else, though, your diet and the environment can affect the health of your scalp. What you eat and consumer on a daily basis is just as important for your hair and scalp as what shampoos you use! Try and find a shampoo that includes nutritional supplements along with it to give your hair the fatty acids and vitamins that it needs to look amazing and promote your hair to grow! Avoid using shampoos with harsh detergents as these are not only bad for your hair, they also can affect those who have a sensitive scalp, leaving them with inflammation and redness.

Chaz Dean creates fabulous hair care products to help promote that healthy hair you have always been looking for. The WEN Hair Cleansing Conditioner can take place of 5 of your different products including: conditioner, leave-in conditioner and deep conditioner, shampoo, and detangler. This product will cleanse your hair without the harsh chemicals that are found in other products, leaving all of your hairs natural oils where they belong. Your hair will be left being manageable, more moisturized, and even stronger! Need Wen hair care? Order yours today at the QVC online store.

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Lime Crime and Their Extremely Creative Instagram Posts


How many of your makeup companies out there have their own Instagram accounts? How many post to them nearly everyday? Can you name one company who stays on top of Instagram like Lime Crime does? If not, you are using the wrong company. You want a company who is not afraid to showcase their individuality and that allows for others to see what people are using. With their Instagram account, you get to see products offered, what people are wearing and color swatches that showcase what it looks like when applied to the actual skin. Not many companies can say that they do this while on Instagram, but as @limecrimemakeup shows, their social media is just that.


In the recent months, more people are taking notice to the Lime Crime company due to the cover of Galore magazine. Recently a A-lister has been used on the cover of the magazine and when you find out who it was, you are going to be shocked. Paris Hilton. She was currently on the cover of the magazine wearing the Diamond Crushers line of lipstick. She is seen wearing a very expensive diamond necklace with a fur wrapped gently across her shoulders. She looks very posed and elegant. Sure, you can have cover girl models like Queen Latifah or you can have an individual who is not afraid to say what she thinks and parties like a rockstar. If you look up to someone like this, why not purchase the makeup she wears as well.


Do you work hard to pay for everything that you own? Do you want to have makeup that is not simply purchased in the local stores? Do you want makeup that someone uses everyday or do you want something that you can wear that pops from others? Do you want to use makeup that stars like Paris Hilton uses? If so, choose one of the Diamond Crushers lines or even the velvetines colors that are available. If you want to purchase smaller sizes, the small gift boxes are great for just trying them out. Give it a try and I guarantee you won’t go back to your everyday store bought colors again.  Browse new Lime Crime styles on Pinterest, or you can also see what’s new on

8 Tips for Finding a Rental in Panama

Panama is a beautiful city. Its mountains, beaches, and islands are simply breathtaking thus attracting a large number of people, with an aim to settle in the city. Therefore purchasing a rental property here is a great investment opportunity on To ensure maximum profits out of your investment you need to find a great property.

Here are 8 invaluable tips to guide you:

1) Research on the laws governing Rentals

It is advisable to familiarize yourself with all the laws governing rental properties in Panama. You can acquire the help of legal person(s), such as a lawyer, to make sure you do not miss any.

2) Choose the Right Neighborhood

Depending on whether you want to rent out your property to long term or short-term tenants, the location is of utmost importance. For example, locations such as Punta Pacifica, Punta Patilla, Avenida Balboa El Cangrejo, and Casco Viejo target short-term tenants while the crab, Bella Vista, El Dorado and parts of San Francisco, target long-term tenants.

3) Acquire Property below the Market Value

It is a necessity to buy property below the market value so as to make good profits on Income earned from renting out the property should be greater than costs incurred.

4) Avail all Necessary Services

Make sure the property has access to both public and private services. These services include security, private parking, a gym, pool and social services among others.

5) Ensure Great Construction quality

The construction quality according to Figueros usually determines the rental price range. Thoroughly inspect the construction quality of the rental property before purchase. If need be, seek the services of a professional housing inspector for expert opinion.

6) Work out a Reliable Management Plan

Decide who will be in charge of managing the property and how it should be managed. In case you will not be around, you can consider acquiring the services of a professional property management company in Panama.

7) Consider Important Factors

Look at factors such as services offered, kitchen appliances, furnished or not and a number of rooms before purchasing the property.

8) Place public services Costs on Tenants

The cost of public services is subject to fluctuations; therefore, it is a wise move to place such costs on your tenants.

Who is Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa?

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is an active member of the Panama business community. He prides himself in helping grow businesses, mentoring young entrepreneurs and improving economic conditions.

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Finding a Good Business Lawyer in Brazil

As you go through hassle of locating the most effective lawyer in Brazil for your scenario, one of the most annoying elements can be not acknowledging what good qualities you need in a legal representative.

Most individuals have never ever required a lawyer, neither do they know anybody that has. The procedure of finding one is harder when they are not also not aware of what they should be look for a . Fortunately for you there are some elements you can consider when looking for the ideal legal representative or law office.

You would definitely wish to try to find an attorney that has in fact managed your kind of scenario in the past. When you pick a legal representative that has handled numerous cases, you will find that they’ll be well versed in the appropriate procedures.

You will certainly furthermore want to inquire about who particularly will be managing your legal issue. In many law firms, you will have a certain lawyer or legal assistant that will handle or manage your case. Reputable law firms will not hesitate to let you know the details of how your case will be handled by their team of professionals.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has a well-known background of obtaining desirable results for his clients. He concentrates on business and corporate litigation and has actually taken care of lots of legal issues for clients from all professions. Some of his clients consist of organization executives, large companies, international firms, local business owners and top-level people. He often counsels as well as guides clients who have problem with a company affiliates or other entity.

Ricardo Tosto strives to ensure that his clients are entirely pleased with the end result of their legal matter. He makes the effort to have a god understanding of his client’s business and legal circumstance before deciding how to address the matter. Ricardo Tosto also takes steps to ensure that his clients know exactly what should be done and why. Mr Ricardo Tosto cares about the success and complete satisfaction of his clients.

EOS-The Company’s Journey to Success

A few short years ago, lip balm brands like Chapstick and Burt’s Bees pretty much dominated the market. That is, until celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian were seen using spheres of EOS lip balm. But how did this success occur so quickly?

Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller, cofounders of the EOS brand, share that is wasn’t easy getting the product into retail locations. Most drug stores and grocery locations thought that customers would be willing to try something new, and would stick with lip balm brands they were used to. Mehra also shares that several male consumers stated that they didn’t understand EOS products, presumably because the the noticeable circular shape of the product. It’s pretty logical that men didn’t readily get what EOS balm was all about, since the products were created with women in mind.

Eventually, the founders of EOS were able to schedule a meeting with a female buyer for Walgreens. She loved the products. EOS was able to land its first account, and after the product launch Target and Walmart decided to come on board as well.

Now, the EOS team had to figure out how to be a competitive force when compared to other leaders in the industry. The founders invested in their own equipment, and went to trade shows to find engineers to assist them in this venture.

Their hard work has definitely paid off. In just over seven years, EOS has become a household name. EOS is selling about 1 million lip balms each week! There have even been a few replicas of the products by brands like Blistex, who have created a lip balm that is similar in shape to EOS. Sephora, Walgreens and Lucky Vitamin even have their own versions of the sphere-shaped lip balm.

Teller and Mehra share that the major key to their success is having the discipline required to work for a large company and the creativity that is needed to be a successful entrepreneur. They attribute their unique business approach to the current and projected success of one of the biggest lip balm companies in the industry.


The Highest Level of Security and Communication Needs

Securus Technologies, a reliable and high-quality provider of security and Communications technology, has recently posted online that it will be promoting is highest rated product, sophisticated video conferencing tool that inmates can use to communicate openly with their loved ones and family members. This software suite is free to download as a mobile device application, and is compatible on both Apple and Android devices. What makes this software interesting is that a successfully allows family members to bypass traditional forms of visitation, meaning that they no longer have to drive long distances to a prison to visit with their incarcerated loved ones, or have to worry about the uncomfortable reality of mandatory security checks. All customers of Securus Technologies need to do in order to use this scene with streaming technology is to download the application and then connect to a reliable Wi-Fi signal. This not only gives family members and loved ones Peace of Mind knowing that they themselves can be safe, but it also means that inmates can have more of a feeling of connection.


The upcoming promotion will undoubtedly increase sales and customer base of Securus Technologies, who already is the leading provider of communication and Security Solutions to individuals directly involved in the United States prison system. Current loyal customers will be able to enjoy more frequent upgrades and releases when it comes to Securus products and services, meaning that they will stay dependent on Securus for many of their communication needs in the near future.


The Manse On Marsh Gets A New CEO, Farron Bernhardt

The Manse on Marsh has a new CEO. The senior living community in San Luis Obispo announced Farron Bernhardt as its new CEO. He joins the award winning community following three decades in the management of senior living facilities. Most recently, he served as the vice president for Nevada Housing and neighborhood Development. He was responsible for its assisted living.

Bernhardt has created a reputation in the period that he has worked in the senior living sector. He is well known for his immersive as well as collaborating management style. His approach aligns well with the assisted living community’s residents along with staff.

According to Bernhardt, families opt for The Manse time and again. That is because of their commitment to care and life-enriching experiences. He said that he was honored to link with the team. Additionally, Bernhardt noted that he looked forward to getting to work and meeting the exceptional residents of The Manse. He plans to ensure that the facility sets high standards for senior care across the Central Coast and outside the region.

Besides their second straight Caring Star award, enabled The Manse to be placed among the premier 1% of senior care givers in the United States. That is by designating The Manse as the Best of 2016. According to The Manse on Marsh owner, Chris Skiff, the addition of Bernhardt is another exciting and noticeable dedication they have made to quality as senior living facility. He noted that they look forward to the contributions Farron alongside his team will bring to the residents of The Manse.

About The Manse on Marsh

The Manse is a modern assisted living community. The independent senior care facility is found in San Luis Obispo. Its downtown location is convenient for families searching for assisted living care. As a unique facility, The Manse offers several choices when it comes to residences. That includes apartments with fireplaces and free standing cottages.

The manse provides social activities for its wonderful residents. It also offers convenient transportation, maid and laundry services, open dining, nurses, discrete personal help, and attentive care givers. The community is dedicated to developing a quality life with pleasant surroundings for its residents.