BRL Trust: The Basics

These days, more and more people are in search of sound, strategic investment services. And if that’s what you’re looking for, the search stops with BRL Trust. With years of experience and education in the dynamic world of investments, we’ve accumulated the knowledge necessary to offer each of our clients the detailed, results-oriented services and products they need and deserve. We’re pleased to work with customers from all walks of life, including individuals and institutions. To learn more about who we are and how we can help you, review the brief guide that appears below:


A Team Of Professionals


Here at BRL Trust, we realize that the key to running a successful investment company is employing professionals who are passionate about the work they do. For this reason, we’re pleased to maintain a team of dedicated, diligent investment experts who work endlessly to ensure that every aspect of the customer’s portfolio is optimized and ideal. At BRL Trust, our professionals believe that collaboration and communication are the keys to attaining the customer’s complete satisfaction. As such, we like to continually confer with our clients to gain a firm grasp of their needs, values, and goals. Once we’ve attained this information, we can move forward with a customized strategic plan that will engender a fantastic return on investment (ROI).


Our Services


At BRL Trust, we like to provide a holistic set of services to ensure that our clients have every base covered. Some of the smart, savvy services we’re pleased to offer include:


Asset Underwriting


BRL Trust utilizes a professional underwriting service to optimize the work we perform on behalf of our customers. The underwriting service involves preparing the company for the purpose of raising funds that will be allocated in deals such as agribusiness receivables, debentures, and real estate receivables.


Funds Administration


The Securities Commission has authorized BRL Trust to work as a manager of investment funds. At this point, we successfully maintain 99 funds that total $18.25 billion.


Fiduciary Services


As a result of the increasing savviness of capital markets as well as perpetual developments within the global credit market, investors are becoming very demanding and discerning with respect to operations pertaining to collection, monitoring, and control. In responding to these developments, the professionals of BRL Trust offer a plethora of diverse, innovative services to optimize our ability to meet investor demands for reliability.

Laughing Gas to Cure Depression


A smile shows that you are in good moods. But it works the other way around too. If you smile even without feeling cheerful, you send signals to your brain and it will start producing some happiness hormones.

Can laughing gas be a faster way to making one happy? Being given the fact that laugh is more powerful than a smile, it will produce a bigger amount of hormones, hence give faster effects than smiles.

Logically, the psychologists supposed that it would work like that, and went directly to action to test their theories. The laughing gas, or Nitrous Oxide, as they call it in the lab, proved to have full effect on the patients. It is easy to administer, because the patients only need to inhale it, unlike the previous chemical substances that had to be injected or swallowed as pills.

The tested patients reported improvement after about two hours of being administered Nitrous Oxide.

One in 10 Americans suffers from clinical depression, so finding a sure way to cure it is one of the most important tasks at the moment. A hyper dose can be lethal, the doctors wanted to advise. But the procedures of administering the laughing gas to the patients are controlled, so no dangerous situations will occur. Bernardo Chua and other licensed professionals can be reached about this new depression treatment.

Why Do Startups Wither: With Dr. Mark Ahn

The Street first brought out this talk with Dr. Mark Ahn of Pukana Partners. It is a talk about how Dr. Ahn believes that biotech startups should manage their business. These companies are wholly unique in the marketplace, and they are going to fail if the management is not thinking in lengthy terms.

Dr. Ahn believes that these companies need to make sure that they have as many sources of funding as they can find. These companies will have to wait months or even years to get their products ready to sell, and having funding coming from a number of sources is going to help the company remain solvent while products are being tested.

When a company is waiting on a long cycle to get their products ready to sell, they must remember that the long term results of this work will be amazing. However, the company may not be hugely profitable until the company has waited its turn to get all its products out there.

When you are considering how you are going to get a startup off the ground, you need to remember Dr. Ahn’s advice. You have to be patient, and you must be willing to wait for the company to turn a profit.

Mark Ahn Educates, Innovates and Inspires

I was at a leadership conference last weekend with a plethora of amazing speakers, but one in particular stood out to me. Mark Ahn has been a leader in the biotech industry and I truly believe he works for the betterment of society. As far as role models go, you could do a lot worse. If you’re wondering about who the heck this Mark Ahn guy is, here’s a little background…

An extensive education and a long list of experiences are two things that Pukana Partners, Ltd. Principal Mark Ahn has working in his favor. This great leader in the field of biotechnology continues to come up with innovations that have vast potential to heal those suffering from medical ailments and diseases. He also serves as the CEO of Galena Biopharma, a company that tests numerous vaccines and prescriptions for their safety to the general public.

While Ahn’s leadership qualities have stood the test of time thanks to his work in these businesses and others, they are not the only marks in his favor. He is an extremely well-educated man who has a passion for research and writing, and that has come out in his long list of publications. The papers and books that he have written are a testament to his scientific knowledge; more than 50 peer-reviewed publications is an impressive accomplishment all in itself.

Another aspect of his career is the time that he spends in front of classes full of college students. He has taught at such educational institutions as the College of New Jersey, Portland State University and Carnegie Mellon University. In these positions, he has shared his enthusiasm for biotechnology with students who are interested in the field, mentoring them and passing on his extensive knowledge to them so that they can become the biotech leaders of the future.

He realizes that there are many ways to positively impact society, and money can go a long way toward improving people’s lives. To that end, he has created the Center for Civic and Community Engagement, which is located at the College of New Jersey. Its purpose is to develop ways of helping the community through philanthropy and to encourage students to think of ways they might use their future funds to the benefit of society. He also regularly consults biotech startups on how to succeed.

Ahn has worked in a variety of different settings, and in addition to his educational experience, he also spent some time in the Army, which helped him to see a different side of life and gain an appreciation for global dynamics. His time in New Zealand at Wellington’s Victoria University also expanded his horizons and helped him understand how far-reaching this industry truly is. As more and more exciting opportunities open up in this field, he will remain on the forefront of biotechnology as he continues to explore its myriad benefits.

Cavs, Thunder, and Knicks Make A Big Trade

Trade season in the NBA is now well underway and teams are making some big moves. The Cleveland Cavs traded Dion Waiters to the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Knicks will receive 2019 second-round pick from Cleveland and Lance Thomas. Cleveland will receive Iman Shumpert, J.R. Smith, and a 2015 first-round pick from Oklahoma City.

This move should help all three teams. Cleveland has been struggling and needed a good wing defender and a scorer off the bench. Iman Shumpert can be a great defender, especially if he is motivated on a contending team. J.R. Smith has already won a sixth man award in his career and knows how to come off the bench and score. He is an improvement from Waiters because of his catch and shoot ability.

Oklahoma City has taken a chance on Dion Waiters, and one person at Beneful thinks it’s a great move. Waiters has not played as well this year, but he can score off the dribble and at a high rate. OKC is hoping that he can be a spark off the bench that will help with scoring when Durant or Westbrook are not on the floor.

The Knicks are basically gutting their roster with these trades. They are creating cap room so they can go out and sign some big name free agents this off-season. Although they don’t claim to be tanking, gutting their rosters of such big contributors means they should also have a good chance at a top lottery pick in the upcoming draft.




NCAA Verifies It’s Playoff System


Ohio State gave a black eye to Oregon last night and in the process made the new championship series relevant. The Buckeyes ranked 4th and sporting a 3rd string quarterback, upset the No. 1 Crimson Tide in the game before the championship and then totally demolished the Ducks in the National Championship game. A year ago this type of Cinderella team would not have been possible because the BCS only allowed for the top two teams to compete for the championship. Cardale Jones and Ezekiel Elliot led Ohio State in their victory but the defense deserves most of the credit. The Buckeyes turned the ball over four times but the defense limited the Ducks to 2-12 on third down and 0-2 on 4th down. The Buckeyes also controlled the ball for a total of 37:29 of possession time versus the Ducks 22:31. TCU was supposed to be in the 4th spot but the selection committee moved Ohio State into that spot and their decision, which caused contention, has been verified. The Buckeyes were supposed to be emotionally worn down after there victory over the Crimson Tide but it was the Ducks who looked to be sapped. Changing the BCS into the National Championship System was a good move for the NCAA, USA Today reported. This has allowed for competition and for underdogs to upset the favored and allowed fans like Dave and Brit Morin to see their team compete. What better to boost ratings then promoting an underdog?

The Preeminent Name in Minimally Invasive Spinal Care

Dallas and Houston, Texas host one of the most innovative spinal care companies in North America. They call themselves North American Spine, and they are today’s leader in minimally invasive spine care. What separates North American Spine from other spinal care companies is their exciting range of cutting-edge operative and non-operative treatment options available to patients who suffer from any degenerative spine conditions, spinal stenosis, herniated discs, as well as, numerous other neck and back problems.

Taking a holistic and apprehensive approach to treating spine-related pain, North American Spine’s back-pain doctors have been empowering their patients with the appropriate information they need to make an informed decision on which treatment option to take. The vast majority of these back-pain doctors have been working in the field of pain management for over a decade.

Instead of recommending radical treatment options, North American Spine first advocates their patients to pursue more conservative therapies. Their physicians would undoubtedly prefer that their patients attempt to become pain free by using therapies such as chiropractic care, physical therapy, epidural steroids, and/or pain medications before they undergo a surgical procedure. If a surgery is unnecessary for their patients, the back-pain doctors at North American Spine do not want them to endure it, but outline the procedure on YouTube.

If neck or back surgery is necessary, this contemporary laser spine center provides its patients access to several minimally invasive laser spinal surgery options such as the AccuraScope Procedure, known to effectively treat many problems related to the spine. The AccuraScope Procedure is used to treat cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spinal issues that lead to pain and decrease in range of motion.

The laser used in the procedure strategically aims to repair tears, shrink the bulging discs, and alleviate nerve pressure in any of the three areas of the spine.

Whether it is arthritis of the spine, a collapsed disc, disc extrusion or protrusion, a pinched nerve, sciatica, spinal stenosis, or any other neck or back issues a patient is suffering from, they can feel confident that the professionals at North American Spine will aid them in becoming free of pain.

Offering care options like the AccuraScope Procedure, massage therapy, minimally invasive spine surgery, neck surgery, spinal fusion, pain management techniques, and many others, this innovative care center has been pleasing patients since its inception. The future of successfully treating neck and back pain lies in implementing a holistic approach, and North American Spine is leading the way in treating patients using this exciting new methodology.

Skout Takes a New Approach to Dating Apps

Mobile apps are the modern craze. Almost more mobile apps are being used daily than desktop software. There are many new apps being created and released everyday that it can be difficult to keep up on all of the different trends going around in the world of apps. It can be hard for an app to stand out above the rest, and when it does it is usually for a good reason. There are many different apps in different categories, and only the best designed apps with great purposes make it to the top.

After 100 million downloads, it is easy to say that Skout is becoming a very popular app on smart phones. This app is a great way for individuals to meet new friends, chat with individuals close by, and find potential dates. Skout is a very popular app that is taking a new spin on the dating app category. This app has a very popular feature called shake chat. You can shake your phone, and you will be paired with another individual in your area to chat with. This can be a great way to meet new friends or flirt with people in your area.

One of the great features of this app is how interactive it is. Unlike other dating apps, there is more to do on this app. When you are using Skout, you have the ability to give virtual gifts. This can make those who you are chatting with feel more obligated to respond to your messages. With other dating apps it can be very easy to get lost in the shuffle of all of the apps. Skout makes it easier to be remembered, and therefore making many real life interactions much more possible. Skout is really the future of smartphone dating apps with it’s innovative features.

Monkeys Prove that Animals Know More than Humans Believe

Animals can sometimes display a sort of rationality and warm heart that most people just simply do not have. While the advanced intelligence of these animals is well known, the specifics are as of yet unknown.

Monkeys are already known to be able to figure out correlations between events, but a monkey giving first aid is unexpected. An untrained wild animal, however, did this remarkable act when it brought back a fellow monkey that had passed out. In the video that was filmed at a railway station you can see an unconscious monkey which had been electrocuted.

The monkey with paramedic skills does not wait much and starts biting and shaking the patient. After it slowly reinvigorates, the paramedic throws it in a puddle to totally wake it up.

The video in only interrupted for a moment when the train arrives, but then you can notice how a whole crowd is glancing with admiration at the witty animal that saved its kind. The electrocuted monkey recovered, and showed signs of dizziness soon afterwards.

The helpful friend stayed around all the time and surveyed the patient. The researchers make laboratory studies to identify signs of developed thinking like this, and here is a wild exemplary giving the absolute proof that animals understand more than we think they do. Bruce Levenson was fascinated.

Besides that, the helping monkey showed a warmheartedness that many people would lack in extreme situations.

Ravens Bring It When It Matters

The Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League, like Christian Broda,  have enjoyed success over the last decade, making it to the playoffs in nearly every season and taking home a pair of Super Bowl wins since 2000. However, the Ravens looked like they were going to miss the playoffs this year and had to have the dice roll their way to even make it into the sixth seed of the playoffs, which they entered the wild card round possessing. However, the Ravens seem to pull all the stops out when it matters, and they took care of the Pittsburgh Steelers by a score of 30-17, despite losing to the Steelers earlier this season by twenty points. It seems that some teams just seem to shine when it matters the most and you can add the Baltimore Ravens to that list. After needing the cards to fall their way and pulling out a huge game in the final regular season game, then taking a win in the wild card game, they now find themselves sitting with a chance to go heads-up against the insanely talented New England Patriots in next week’s AFC playoff game. Although the Patriots will without a doubt be the favorite team to win this game, the Baltimore Ravens are not concerned in the least and feel that they are exactly in the position they should be. Baltimore has made some rather large claims about the greatness of their players, so they better bring it against the Patriots if they want those comments to hold up.