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Ricardo Tosto: Leading the Brazilian Legal Profession

Judicial independence is essential in making fundamental rights compared to any other written constitutional decree. The Brazilian Constitution amended in 1988 gives the Brazilian Judicial System functional independence such as the admission of candidates to the law profession through public exams, evaluation of merit, among others.

According to the constitution, the Brazilian Judiciary is divided into five divisions: the federal jurisdiction, labor jurisdiction, electoral jurisdiction, military jurisdiction and state jurisdiction. Every branch of the judiciary has a Superior Court tasked with interpreting the law. These courts are the Superior Court of Justice, Superior Military Court, Superior Electoral Court and Superior Labor Court. The Supreme Court of Justice is the highest court in the judicial system, and it gives the final word on matters concerning the interpretation of the constitution.

The Brazilian legislature is made up of the National Congress which comprises of the Federal and the House of Representatives. This branch of the government enacts regulations that establish rights and obligations of citizens. The acts may be in the form of amendments to the federal constitution, provisional executive acts, ordinary laws and legislative decrees.

The Public Administration such as ministries makes up the Executive Branch. The executive branch and the legislature are responsible for making laws. The President of the country is the head of the executive and is elected by the citizens. He or she is the chief of the Government and State as well as the commander of the Armed Forces.

Litigators in Brazil

Litigating is one of the most popular and most feared activities in the field of law. Ricardo Tosto has spent a great deal of time working on lawsuits. His career as a litigator spans for more than two decades.

Mr. Tosto studied law at Mackenzie University and did an extension course in business administration. His education background and vast experience have allowed him to be a competent lawyer. Mr. Tosto specializes in commercial law, civil law, administrative law and election law. He is a founding member of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados Associados.

Handy Gives You Some of the Best Cleaners Around

I get a lot of help when it comes to cleaning my home. I have a two-story home that is beautiful, but it is very hard to keep it clean. I do some spot cleaning, but I hire Handy Cleaning services when I want to get the house spotless. This is the type of company that has made cleaning so much simpler. This company has also managed to add a lot of things to the equation like furniture assembly and air conditioning repair.

Handy is a good company that presents people with a lot of options when it comes to cleaning the home. There are people that are going to benefit from the simple things like bed making. I hate to make my bed so I always get this done when I have guests. I also get the dusty and mopping done by Handy. This company leaves my home looking beautiful so I have no reservations about recommending these workers.

I think that this is a good company structure because it keeps the works at a part-time status. They can work the hours that they want to work without getting burned out. They can also earn more hours if they choose to because they can show off multiple skills. That may be the thing that I like the most about this company. It is designed to help those people that need some type of guidance when it comes to cleaning their home. I can do a lot of things well, but cleaning the home has never been my favorite thing.

Many people may not think so, but it requires a special kind of person to clean a home and do a good job. This is a skill, and nyctechmommy says in an article everyone simply does not have it. I know where my inefficiencies are, and I like to make sure that I get the professionals out because they never disappoint me. They know what to do, and they know how to do it quickly. I have always had a problem with cleaning my bathrooms, but I have been fortunate enough to get someone like Handy Cleaning Services in. They have made it possible for me save time on cleaning. The staff is professional, and I never have to worry about the quality of service that I have received. There is a money back guarantee that will keep the workers on top of their game.

Jennifer Walden Moves Back To Texas To Help Everyone Look Good

People often ask what it takes to be a super doctor. If it were up to most people the super doctor status would be given to doctors that prove themselves as caring and successful doctors. Doctors that are putting themselves out there for their clients. Doctors that go the extra mile for their clients. This is what a super doctor is. Many people believe that Jennifer Walden is a super doctor. She is doing all of those things and more since she moved back from New York. Texas is lucky to have her back in their community.


Jennifer Walden grew up in Austin Texas. She is the daughter of two successful parents. Her father is a longtime Dentist and her mother is a surgical nurse. Both of her parents are very proud of their daughter and the way she has turned out. The moment she made her decision to become a surgeon, Jennifer began working towards proving herself worthy. She won all-state in the soccer league in high school. She won several awards in her medical career. She won a descriptive title of one of the best beauty surgeons in America and the title of Super doctor.


Austin Texas is lucky to have her back. The need for plastic surgeons and beauty advisers is high in Texas. Jennifer works really hard to help the people of Texas. She also works hard to help the people that are asking for the mommy makeovers and minimally invasive procedures such as laser surgeries and botox. Botox is very useful to men and women that have large groups of wrinkles on their face and necks. Botox is injected into the wrinkle. The botox swells up the wrinkle so that the face appears smoother and younger. It is very important that the person performing the Botox injections knows where and how to inject the formula so that the person is happy with the results.


Beauty is only skin deep but many individuals believe that a person is only as good as they look on the outside. If looks were only by how people look on the inside, there would be no need to worry about how a person looks on the outside. Jennifer understands people like to look good on the inside and out. She moved back to Texas so everyone will look and feel good.

Mike Baur is proud of his work with Swiss Start-Up Factory

Start-ups are a powerful force within the global economy. Established companies help us receive important products, but they are often afraid to take the necessary risks to change the world. People want new changes in the market, and they need start-ups to help them. Recently, Europe was suffering from a stagnant economy. Mike Baur is a powerful businessman throughout Europe and he knew he could help address the stagnant economy. He began working on a project in Zurich, Switzerland that would become known as the Swiss Start-Up Factory.


The Swiss Start-Up Factory was founded with one idea in mind, that start-ups can reinvigorate the Swiss economy and take it to new levels. Mike Baur wanted to create a place where entrepreneurs could come and create future powerhouses. There were many incubator programs throughout Switzerland, but no incubator provides the resources that the Swiss Start-Up Factory can.


Coworking spaces are changing the way work happens around the world. By working in close proximity to other businesses, companies are able to build long-term relationships that can reap benefits for years to come. Mike Baur has extensively researched co-working spaces and has built a top quality coworking space at the Swiss Start-up Factory. Incubatees will be close to like-minded individuals. This space also includes a lunch room, film studio, coffee bar, excellent internet, and many other amenities. Firms should grow quickly at the coworking spaces at the Swiss Start-up Factory.


While the space available will surely help any company looking to grow, the resources make a major difference. During the three-month incubation program, companies will have access to coaching, mentoring, financing, and a huge investor network. With this resources, any great idea is sure to succeed. The Start-Up Factory also provides their clients with quality accounting services. They will guide their clients with invoice management, VAT reporting, financial statements, and cash flow reports. Start-ups that go through Mike Baur’s program will run properly for years to come.


The Swiss Start-up Factory has been in operation for several years and has helped numerous start-ups reach their full potential. Swiss Start-up alumni include Blinkers, Carhelper, Strucked, and Beaconsmind. Each of these companies has become incredibly successful since working with Swiss Start-up Factory.


Start-ups could be the key to reviving Europe’s stagnant economy. These start-ups bring new and exciting ideas to the forefront. Mike Baur plans to keep working with Swiss Start-up Factory for years to come.


The tricks used by women that have great hair

Don’t we all wish that every day could be a good hair day? Unfortunately, most of us have some days when the hair is dry and full of split ends, other when it is all curly and messed up. The truth is that with the correct washing and care techniques, it is possible to make your hair shine every day. Below are some pro tips.

The washing techniques

Not many people realize that for hair to stay healthy, it needs constant hydration. For natural hair, it is recommended that you pour water over it before soaping it. This will lock in the moisture and retain it even after the wash. In addition to this, when the season is hot like the summer, look for washing products like masks that lock in the moisture and prevent the scalp from getting too dry.

Heat treatment

The one thing that people need to learn on dealing with hair is how to tune down the heat. Heat damage occurs when flat ironing, blow-drying and other forms of heat treatment are done with extremely hot tools. There is heat protecting creams and sprays that help prevent the effects of heat on hair.

Choosing the right hair products

Being selective about the brands that you buy from will help you avoid a lot of bad hair days. Brands such as WEN by Chaz make hair easy to manage because they are made to repair everything that could be wrong with hair. Their products include their cleansing conditioner that cleans the hair and softens it and other products that promote healthy hair.

The founder of this product line has worked in the hair care industry for many years. When he was an assistant at a Beverly Hills salon, he created the first deep hair conditioner. The product was so good that the salon wanted him to make natural products for them. Chaz has always believed that anything that will carry his name should be great. Visit the official WEN YouTube channel to watch testimonials about this amazing brand and like the Wen Facebook page.

Need WEN? Visit:


Billy McFarland Founds Private Club for Millenials

Millenials now know the name Billy McFarland, and some are inclined to call him their hero. Business Insider said that this is because Billy McFarland launched an idea for a social networking endeavor known as Magnises.

The concept behind Magnises was to create a membership for millenials that would enable them to get access to the best bars, clubs, and other nightlife at a special rate. Additionally, this private club would allow the members to get access to the most coveted getaways and private events in major cities like NYC and Chicago.

As a 23 year old, McFarland was familiar with the desires of other millenials and he wanted to find a way to impress as well as to attract the elite community. This private club would get a “little black card”, that could be tied to the member’s debit card or credit card for ease of use and convenience anywhere in the world.

The vision was born in 2013 when Billy McFarland was still in the planning and startup stage, but the card went live in March of 2014.

Building a social network offline has never been easier with the benefits that the card offers as well as the prestige associated with the card. The card is made of metal, which means millenials can literally “flash” their card wherever they go.

Luxurious getaways and private concerts are only steps away when you join Magnises, and it’s also an opportunity for these young professionals to grow their business network. Spending time with like-minded individuals and traveling to the same destinations gives them tons of opportunities to network both socially and professionally, and that is what Magnises is all about.

This is one of the main reasons that McFarland wanted to tie the card in with their debit or credit card. A debit card is something most individuals carry with them at all times, making it easier to use for the purpose of travel as well as for shopping of any kind.

Some of the elite hot spots in NYC include, La Esquina and Catch, two upscale restaurants in NYC. Finale and Goldbar, two upscale bars have also chosen to join the fray and become a part of what Magnises is doing. Since 2014 when the card was launched, more than 6,000 people have joined, paying a fee of only $250 annually to be a part of the club.

Sam Tabar Discusses Business Investments


Sam Tabar, the successful capital strategist who acts as the executive of the Full Cycle Fund, recently gave a great deal of advice to future capital strategists during a conference in Los Angeles. The CEO of Full Cycle Fund primarily discussed business investments and the impact that they have on the portfolio of a potential or current investor. Sam Tabar described the primary types of business investments that most capital strategists will work with and specified the way these types of accounts can expand scope of each individual strategist’s influence in the financial market. Sam Tabar implied that strategists can quickly advance in their careers by grasping an adequate concept of the role that business investments play in the financial community.


Having practiced business law for the past decade as a financial strategist for high profiled banking institutions like Merrill Lynch, Sam Tabar has become extremely familiar with the management of business investments. During the conference, Tabar relayed the importance of adequately managing business investments to other capital strategists by explaining the use of each of the main types of business investments in capital strategy. Specifically, Tabar discussed the management of venture capital funds, small business investments, ownership investments, and lending investments. Tabar emphasized the importance of becoming educated about each of these investments before entering the financial industry because of the certainty that strategists will be required to manage these accounts during the course of their careers.


Sam Tabar also discussed the potential that strategists have to advance their careers based on their comprehensive knowledge of the business investment industry. Tabar has stated on Twitter, that capital strategists who are educated about these types of accounts prior to entry into the financial field are at least twice as likely to be promoted within a year than those who gradually learn about business investment accounts. Tabar suggested that future capital strategists become personally involved in the area of business investments by investing personal capital in a business opportunity. Tabar explained that personal investments can bring an experiential education to the resume of a capital strategist that is unable to be matched through most other educational processes.



IAP Worldwide Services Expands its Scope of Operation

In a bid to expand its business territory and improve the level of service delivery, IAP Worldwide has acquired DRS Technologies and its subsidiaries. According to IAP Worldwide CEO Doug Kitani, the acquisition will double its market base and increase its capability to deliver to millions of clients across the world.

IAP will now control DRS Technologies‘ Oklahoma-based Aviation and Logistics division and Tactical Communication & Network division located at Aberdeen Proving Ground. IAP will combine the two divisions and incorporate them into its long-term strategic growth plans.

About IAP Worldwide

IAP is a leading international company that provides services to governments and large corporations worldwide on payscale.com. The company has been in business for over 60 years and is one of the largest providers of solutions to the US government. The company consists of a team that has an unwavering commitment to providing strategic solutions in a dynamic environment. It uses its financial prowess and strong workforce to ensure governments achieve their mission regardless of the circumstances and other hindering factors.

IAP Worldwide has been a long-term partner with the US military as its main service provider. It is a global scale partner to the country’s security organizations and ensures they are strong and secure to protect the country against external threats. IAP Worldwide is the main provider of aviation solutions to US military base in Afghanistan. The company recently struck a deal with the Afghan government to design and maintain its air traffic control system in support of the Operation Enduring Freedom. The company’s service portfolios include aviation operations and maintenance, expeditionary services, emergency response, logistics and network communications.

The company also offers construction services on prnewswire.com. It has a team of professionals who can transform a place into a busy residential or metropolitan within a few months. The staff is well trained to use a fast-track approach to customer needs. The company has more than 2,000 employees spread in 25 countries.

IAP Worldwide came into existence after several companies evolved in a span of 60 years. It traces its roots back in 1989 when Johnson Controls Acquired Pan Am Services. In 1990, IAP was founded in South Carolina as logistics and procurement firm on careercast.com. Since then, the company has expanded its client base to more than one million. The company is currently led by Douglas Kitani, who is the Chief Executive Officer and Director. Others include Terry DeRosa, Robert Hargis, Rick Nohmer and Micheal Bozeman.

Tech Industry Workers Making Waves With NYC Properties


In yesteryear, the profile of a person buying luxury residential properties was that of a late-middle aged CEO, who had already worked his way to the top of his industry after a lifetime of hard work. But those days are no more. A new type of buyer has stepped onto the stage. He’s youthful, fast with computers, and often buying his very first piece of real estate.

At least that’s how the market is changing, according to Dolly Lenz, the founder of her own luxury real estate consulting, sales and marketing firm, that’s well-known on in the NYC real estate world.


What this new breed of buyer is looking for is rather different than the CEOs who wanted showy, luxurious homes that broadcast their wealth for the world to see. This new group is primarily concerned with comfort and convenience.


Location is perhaps their paramount concern. In the NYC real estate scene, these young buyers, who are often associated with the high-tech, sports, or entertainment industries, love Greenwich Village. Tribeca, the Upper East Side, and the West Village. They want a place that’s surrounded by hip bars, cafes, and restaurants where they can while away their free time.


They are also addicted to their jobs, and want to be plugged in at all times, so strong Wi-Fi connections are essential, even if it’s a private island in the Caribbean. Not to be discounted are homes with high ceilings where the young crowd can display their burgeoning art collections.


Have you ever heard of a “morning kitchen”? Many young buyers of NYC real estate want one in their apartments, too. A morning kitchen is a small kitchen unit right off the master bedroom. You can make coffee there, or store champagne without having to make the trip to the main kitchen.


Town Residential has only been selling properties around New York for five years, but the firm has already become a mainstay in the NYC real estate scene. It offers top notch customer service in helping customer find luxury real estate.


The firm is run by a group of professionals and executives who possess unrivaled knowledge and deep experience in the NYC real estate scene.