Impacting the Health Sector Positively Using Technology

The health industry is a sensitive industry because it deals with the health of people. The society is interested in products that are helpful and are easy to use. This is because the cost of health care services has increased with time. The health service providers have increased their cost as well. This led to the need for new products in the health industry. The development of new cases in the health industry has increased the demand for new products. Technological advancement is a solution to the health industry.


Technological advancement like Facebook has enabled the development of different new products. These products facilitate easy and fast mode of understanding the health of an individual. People get to understand the solutions that they can use to improve their health. Jim Tananbaum is an investor and a creator. He has invested in the health industry. James Tananbaum has developed products that influence the health industry positively. This is because these products can improve the health of people and enhance them to understand themselves. His innovation has enabled the development of the health industry. JimTananbaum’s innovative products have been embraced in different hospitals. This implies that his products are quality products.


Tanabaum has served in different advisory boards. This has developed his innovative nature because he has firsthand information with the felt needs of the consumers. This enables him to create products that are vital for the development of the health industry. His contribution in the industry has enabled him to be recognized as one of the most promising innovators on the Midas list of Forbes for three consecutive years. He has also developed a company that is set to offer assistance to young innovators in the health sector economically.


The people in the society need products that can help them to live life in a better and convenient manner. The new development of consumers in health products has changed the products that the consumers need. Different innovators should create products that fit these new needs. This will enable people to understand their health better and encourage a healthy lifestyle amongst individuals.

Waiakea is the Best Volcanic Water

Waiakea is a popular volcanic water brand that originates from Hawaii. The individuals living in Hawaii use the natural power from the exceptional volcanoes to create healthy bottles of water. The company prides itself for its delicious water that is full of valuable minerals. The company supplies this commodity to the United States and other parts of the world. Even with a single sip, the happy customers know that they are indulging in water that has been produced to perfection.

The founders of the water brand want to ensure that they conserve the environment at all costs. This is why they have chosen to use recycled polyethylene teraphtalate or high-grade RPET on its bottles. The recycled plastic gives many advantages to the environment. Unlike most of the water processing company, the bottles from Waiakea require very little energy to manufacture, reduce the carbon emission by over ninety percent, and use very little water. The company says that its bottles are BPA free.

Since its establishment into the market, Waiākea water brand has been working diligently with an institution known as The CarbonNeutral. The managers have also been partnering with Ecometrica to give the consumers the kind of water they need. The two companies are famous for being the leading emission consultants in the world. The organizations have played a crucial role in measuring and reducing the impact of Waiakea business to the environment. The environment-friendly stance has helped the water brand in its conservation efforts while processing their water.

Since it was introduced into the market, the water brand has won several awards. Last month, Waiakea was announced as the best volcanic water brand in the world. According to most consumers, the company provides a refreshing taste of water that has several ingredients. The water is retrieved from the natural Hawaii springs, and the rocks in the neighborhood take care of the filtering process. The water from the springs is smooth, and it is respected for its soft consistency. Some of the money acquired by the company is used to the needy communities in the different parts of the world.

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The Pillars of the Kabbalah Center’s Teachings

Religion shapes the lives of many people regardless of whether they chose their religion or followed their parents’ or guardians’ religion. Many people adopt the religion that they are born in or introduced by their parents or mentors. Kabbalah News Here.

Kabbalah stands out due to its uniqueness; it is often associated with Judaism but the Crusaders of Kabbalah say that it is more of a supplementary to any of their followers’ religion. It is taught in simple modern forms of learning that are simple and do not require the student to understand Jewish or Hebrew language.

The Kabbalah even acknowledges some of the events that are mentioned in the Bible. For example, the story about the crossing of the Red Sea in the Bible is reflected on in the teachings of Kabbalah. The Kabbalah followers acknowledge the crossing of the Red Sea as a historical event that happened.

The Followers of Kabbalah students are taught to believe that the Bible is a wise book that instills wisdom on its readers. The stories in the bible are meant to instill the codes to life. The Bible offers moral guidance and acts as a reference to the universal law.

The Kabbalah teaches that every being has a connection to an upper authority. However, this connection is not accessible to us directly because it is blocked from us by klippot. The klippot prevents the energy of the spirits from gaining access to our bodies.

The Kabbalah believes in astrology with its teachings explaining that astrology has always been part of Judaism. Staunch followers of the religion, like the founder of the Kabbalah Center, has written several books about astrology.

The teachings of Kabbalah also have several teachings and references about sex. The teachings recommend that masturbation is a bad practice because the semen ejaculated during the activity are shed without an intention to make love.

The Kabbalah Center International is a teaching center for Kabbalah that is located in Los ageless. The center facilitates teaching through its chapters and online platforms. The center has international teachers who are multi-ethnic.

The nonprofit organization was founded over 50 years ago by Rav Yehuda Ashlag. It has many branches worldwide with major offices in North America and Europe. for more.

End Citizens United; the Political Action Committee (PAC) Championing Campaign Finance Reform

End Citizens United is a national grassroots political committee. The committee’s main agenda has been spearheading reforms of campaign finances. This is done, usually, by funding campaigns of the politicians who stand against the decision of Citizens United ruled by Supreme Court in 2010; this is where the name End Citizens United originated from. This ruling of Supreme Court has meaningfully boosted the involvement of corporations to fund politicians by offering huge contributions to their campaigns hence making them able to form super PACs with the ability to spend and raise huge amounts.


This PAC has endorsed one of the politicians, U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, for re-elections come 2018. He has been vocal about the campaign finance reforms by advocating for transparency when it comes to political spending and donations. He has even gone ahead to publish a book called ‘Captured: The Corporate Infiltration of American Democracy.’ Democrat Senator Whitehouse has even looked into Neil Gorsuch who is a Supreme Court Justice about the millions of unexplained money used to support his nominations. This was not met very well by the Republicans such as Representative John Loughlin who hit back with the same accusations about the dark money used for Democrat campaigns. Whitehouse has also received opposition from other Republicans such Rep. Robert Nadillo of Coventry State and Justice Robert Flanders, a former Supreme Court judge who will battle it out in the next elections for the senatorial position.


This PAC has devoted itself to making sure that the people or organizations with hefty checkbooks do not interfere with the politics of the USA. It has contributed more than $4 million in three months and is looking up to $ 35 million in contributions coming 2018 midterm elections. This PAC is headed by Tiffany Muller who is the president and the executive director of the group. She had announced that about 100,000 people are committed to their cause by contribution, the majority of who contribute for the first time she is determined when it comes to making sure huge contributors to politics do not rig the system by having the bigger influence. This has been made sure by Tiffany that nobody contributes more than $5000 to End Citizens United per donor.


Contributors to the End Citizens United has been advised to raise half a million dollars towards the campaigns of Jon Ossof. He is a first-time Democrat congressman political candidate in Georgia. Jon Ossof pulled an amazing surprise to many politicians by raising more than $4 million for the campaign to fill a vacant seat in the Republican House. This was left vacant by the appointment of Tom Price as A Secretary of Health and Human Services. This PAC is pushing for its agenda, and it might eventually succeed.


Paul Mampilly’s Amazing Business Approach

Mampilly is the founder of Profits Unlimited. Paul Mampilly began his career in 1991 on Wall Street where he worked as an assistant portfolio manager. Later in 2006, Paul was recruited by Kinetics Asset Management to manage the company’s hedge fund.

His success in the business industry continued until the year 2016 when he joined Banyan Hill Publishing. After that, Paul shifted his career path and decided to retire. His focus is now on helping average people to make money. He, therefore, decided to establish Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes to spearhead his new intention.

The reason behind Paul’s idea of helping other people is that he felt that Wall Street was not giving enough services to the society. Wall Street simply considered the super elite and not the average person. According to Paul, people from various backgrounds need help regarding investments. For this reason, Paul’s typical day at work involves making situations better for the people. Paul Mampilly wakes up very early in the morning. Afterwards, Paul analyses the global markets by reading a newspaper. At the moment, Paul’s major focus is on news that involves his three trading services. Paul uses a portfolio tracker to determine price changes in the market.

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Paul Mampilly carries out research with the help of his team. His research operation usually constitutes a period of 30 to 40 hours. If he has a new release, Paul Mampilly provides examples for his readers. Additionally, Paul provides two trends that he actually loves. These trends are the millennial mega trend and the Internet of Things. Paul also believes that his habit of being consistent in his routine is what makes him stand out. He targets to adopt a behavior of considering other people’s perspectives in every situation.

Paul Mampilly has managed to generate 47% in a period of one year. Profits Unlimited early in January 2016 started a demonstration account. This account holds $5000 of real money that has with time generated profits valued more than 180%. Paul Mampilly has worked with various impressive clients. These clients include European aristocracy, Swiss private banks, the Templeton Foundation and Sears. He has managed over $6 billion hedge funds demonstrating that he is trustworthy and capable handling big investments.

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Arthur Becker on Technology, Real Estate and Being Successful in Business

Arthur Becker is currently a managing member of Madison Partners, LLC. The firm deals in real estate and early stage biotech ventures. He was formerly the chairman and CEO of Zinio, the largest digital newsstand in the world. He previously also served as a board member and the CEO of NaviSite which provided internet technology services. The firm also provided data center hosting and cloud-based application management, among other services to the enterprise market. Becker was also a senior advisor to the Vera Wang Company, a fashion company.


Technology and Real Estate


Arthur Becker studied at Bennington College and also attended Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth He got started in business in 2003 and has since then served in various capacities at different companies, including several startups. Becker’s focus has always been on real estate and technology. He also says that working at Vera Wang contributed to his knowledge in fashion and design. With his current venture in real estate, Arthur makes money by renovating unique properties and either leasing or selling them. He has now narrowed down his focus on townhouses and adds that he is very excited about the pace and the growth of the business.


Success in Business


According to Huffington Post, on business, he says that he has never really doubted himself as a businessman and encourages others to avoid the trap of doubt by knowing all the verticals of business before venturing into one. He advises that as you start out in business, especially the marketing aspect, it is better to go with your previous experience and what you know. A marketing team also comes in handy, but once you build a name and brand for yourself, the marketing aspect somehow works itself out. He adds that hard work is what makes people successful and that that there is no substitute for hard work. He advises those starting out in business to read a lot of marketing and technological books. Additionally, he says that to be successful as an entrepreneur, it is crucial to stay informed on the market, listen to your colleagues in addition to remaining flexible with the strategy. Becker is currently excited by the trends in the biotech industry, especially in the field of cancer treatment and looks forward to developments in that field. You can visit Ideamensch to know more.


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Airline Industry Embraces The Internet Of Things As Futurist Jason Hope Cheers On

Has there been a time in history where technology was more on the forefront of our minds than today? Jason Hope, a world renowned futurist and tech entrepreneur, is laying claim to something quite bold: the Internet of Things is going to change our lives. The Internet of Things, if you don’t know, is essentially a term for how the internet will interface directly with our day to day lives. Imagine your kitchen operating from your phone or your public transport being constantly updated and corrected via satellite. Or, as Hope points out, imagine how the airline industry is operating.

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Safety is paramount when it comes to traveling by plane and that is due in large part to the Internet of Things. Airplanes today are interfaced with the internet. Every part of a plane’s construction is connected in some way to a database that monitors for safety. Consider that FLYING is the safest form of travel on the planet. That’s pretty wild, right? This is exactly what Hope is getting at when he touts the Internet of Things as the future. This kind of efficiency, safety, and life improvement is soon to take over the entire tech world.

Jason Hope has made a career out of identifying trends and getting on board before the rest of the industry catches up. His work at the SENS Foundation has taken renewed importance and we wouldn’t be surprised to see it take a heavy lean toward the Internet of Things. The future is bright for the tech world.

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OSI Industries Acquires Baho Food in the Netherlands

OSI Industries is the 39th largest food producer in the United States. They have operated in the United Kingdom since 1989. They also have operations in Germany and China. They are a privately held company operating 60 plants in sixteen countries.

The Chief Operating Officer David G. McDonald said they wanted to broaden their base in Europe. Therefore, they acquired Baho Food. Baho makes convenience food, deli meats and snacks in The Netherlands.

Baho was a great choice for OSI to expand their European operations with because they have five subsidiaries: Q Smart Life, Henri van de Bilt, Vital Convenience, Bakx Foods and Gelderland Frischwaren. They have manufacturing plants in Germany and the Netherlands. Their brands and their products match OSI Industries.

OSI Industries began life in 1909 as a simple meat market. It’s now based in Aurora Illinois. Last year they won the prestigious Globe of Honour for environmental awareness and Sword of Honour for worker health and safety from the British Safety Council. They produce many food products including cheese, seafood dough, fruit, vegetables, sausage, poultry, beef and bacon for use in restaurants.

Also last year, OSI Industries bought the former Tyson Foods plant in the South Side of Chicago for $7.4 million. It’s in the Back of the Yards neighborhood.

Tyson had announced in November 2015 they were closing the plant and laying off all remaining employees. Tyson the plant could not be adapted to their modern needs. Click here to know more.

However, Kevin Scott, senior vice president for OSI North America, said they were excited to have the plant as part of their manufacturing operations.

Tyson used the plant to make prepared meals for the hospitality industry. That included meatballs, tempura chicken, omelets, crepes, chicken cordon blue, soups and sauces. It’s 200,000 square feet in size. It’s located close to existing OSI Industries plants.

Securus Technologies Is a Communicative Program That is Often Seen as Offering a Privilege For Inmates

Securus Technologies offer great solutions of effective communications for both inmates and visitors. It’s highly recommended for individuals to ensure that they inform themselves about exactly what Securus Technologies offers. Unfortunately, there are many individuals who aren’t quite sure about what Securus Technologies is and what it offers, and as a result, end up missing out on an opportunity in which they could have taken part in a visitation session that can easily be considered as being more convenient than conducting a physical form of a visitation session.


Why visit an inmate who may be located in a correctional facility that is several miles away when you can easily engage in the same type of face to face method of conversation via a technology that offers video conferencing from your home? You may find that Securus Technologies is a program that you can truly rely on, as it offers servers that are absolutely secure and safe. Not only that, its customer service representatives are properly trained and knowledgeable about all aspects of the technology, thus, enabling them to fully serve your needs of utilizing the program. Please don’t hesitate to ask them questions, as they are always eager to assist.


Securus Technologies is offering communities a great tool for solving crimes, as police officials are now able to utilize any illegal matters that may be spoken about through its platform for investigative purposes. It’s highly recommended for all parties to refrain from engaging in illegal activities, as Securus Technologies has had a great role in solving crimes. You do not want to put yourself in a situation where your time of confinement could potentially be increase, if you are the inmate in question. Securus Technologies is a great program that is considered as being a privilege for many of its users.


Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer: Brazilian Entrepreneur

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is both chairman and president of the RBS Group. He has held these positions since January 1, 2016. Eduardo is the successor of Nelson Sirotsky as chair of the RBS Group’s Board of Directors. Born May 13, 1972 in Porto Alegre, he represents the third generation in the family-owned company. Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho, the founder of RBS Group, is Eduardo’s grandfather.

Eduardo is commonly known as “Duda” Melzer. Since graduating college, he has built a successful career in business. His alma mater is Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS), he graduated at age 26 with a degree in Business Administration. He obtained his Master’s Degree from the illustrious Harvard Business School in the United States.

Eduardo takes pleasure in the leisure things in life. He spends his spare time as a director of the Mercosul Biennial art show hosted in Porto Alegre. This art show celebrates international contemporary art with a focus on what’s new and amazing.

In an article on Estadao, RBS Group is a media conglomerate composed of 12 radio stations, 15 radio stations, and 3 newspapers. Due to his success with RBS Group, he founded his own company and sits as Chairman of the Board of Directors. E-Bricks is a digital agency whose mission is to invest in growing, successful, entrepreneurial enterprises. They operate globally with excellent prospects. E.Bricks Digital, the technological arm of Duda’s company, is made up of a mass of digital companies. RBS Group operates through E.Bricks and E.Bricks Digital in the arenas of digital media, technological advancement, mobile innovation, and segmented e-commerce.

Within the RBS Group, Duda operates Engage Eventos, RBS Publications, a graphics company, Vialog, the Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho Foundation, and Appus (big-data focused on HR improvement), and HypermindR (big-data geared towards consumer behavior analysis).

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