Fernandinho Refuses to Dwell on Man City’s Burnley Stalemate

According to Igor Cornelsen and findthebest.com, Manchester City missed a big chance to close the gap at the top of the Premier League on Sunday. With Chelsea dropping points at Southampton, City were expected to close the gap to one point at the top of the table. However, they could only play out a 2-2 draw with Burnley at the Etihad Stadium.

The result was a very disappointing one for City, especially as they raced into a two goal lead before Burnley pegged them back. This game marked the first time in a few years that City took a two goal lead at home and failed to win the match.

Despite dropping two points at home, Manchester City midfielder Fernandinho believes that the club must “move on” from this result. “There is no use dwelling on these dropped points. We have been playing very well recently and need to continue that form if we want to win the league,” he said.

City have been in great form over the past few weeks. Before the draw with Burnley, they had won nine matches in a row in all competitions. This result may be a setback, but City are only one game away from tying Chelsea at the top of the league. They will be hoping that the Blues slip up at White Hart Lane, with City entertaining Sunderland at home. These games will take place on Thursday, with the Premier League going through its busy Christmas and New Year period.

The Browns Have Signed Tyler Thigpen

When the Browns lost Johnny Manziel for the season, they reached out to Rex Grossman, states Bizjournals.com. However, Grossman did not want to come back to Susan McGalla, and to the team that cut him in training camp. Now, the Browns have signed Tyler Thigpen to play in week 17.

The Browns do not want to play Brian Hoyer for the final game of the season, and they want to see if they can keep their bench deep enough to stem any further problems. The Browns are in a tough position. Anyone they sign will come in for one day, and they may not make the team in the future. However, this is someone’s chance to show that they have skills. That same player could be picked up by another team in the future, or that player could be someone who sticks around with the Browns. Backup quarterbacks get paid well, and this means that someone could have a secure financial future. That person could be Tyler Thigpen after week 17 of the 2014 NFL season. If he gets in the game, this is his one cance to audition for other teams that might be in need of his services in the future, and he would do well to take that opportunity seriously.

Heir to the Throne! All hail the Prince!

LeBron James, one of the most established and successful basketball players of all time. Being only 30 years old, LeBron is on track to bypass Michael Jordon as an all-time great in terms of legends. Some may ask if this happens who could ever get to that level of greatness and bypass James, the answer may be sooner than we think. LeBron James Jr. is the perfect candidate and if he can stay on the right path has the best chance of being better than his father. Here is a YouTube video highlight of LeBron Jr playing sixth grade basketball. A lot of the moves and court awareness seems very familiar to the reigning King himself.

Bizjournals reports that Little LeBron has the Bloodline of the King and also the Training of one of the League’s best from a young age, which James himself didn’t have growing up, says Susan McGalla. It will be an interesting ride to watch this young superstar make his way to the top of the ranks and see if one day he too can be crowned the king of basketball. 

Josh Smith Seeks New Team

As it seems to always happen when a great player goes on the market, teams scramble around vying for an opportunity to get a hold of a player, creating a media storm sparking tons of predictions by sportscasters and writers alike as to where a player will wind up and reasons behind their pick. It is no different in the current situation Josh Smith finds himself caught up in, as he was officially waived by the Detroit Pistons yesterday. Apparently there was a great deal of tension between head coach Stan Van Gundy and the veteran leading to his eventual departure, although coaching Josh Smith does not seem to be an easy task.
According to Twiter repots, a bunch of teams have come forward with their hand out, trying to get Josh Smith to join their team, reports Keith Mann. Amongst the top teams looking to fill a spot on their roster is Sacramento, Miami and Houston to name a few. Each team is going to have to state their case as to why they think he should become a member of their organization, but it is up to Smith where he eventually decides to call his new home. Wherever he ultimately decides to go, it is clear that they will be adding a great veteran player to their roster who has been known around the league as a dynamic player, yet also a player who has been known to cause quite a bit of controversy. 

The Increasing Health Risk In Children With Obesity

In today’s world our children and perhaps Dan Newlin have grown addicted to fast food and greasy nightmares. It seems that times are changing and very quickly when it comes to the way our children eat and are taught to eat. Many of this is all due to not having enough time in a day to prepare home cooked, healthy meals; so we look for the easy way out. Not because we are bad parents but because of long hours spent at work trying to make ends meat. Unfortunately, this is having a big affect on our children and their health. Children these days are more at risk for heart disease and many other health related problems brought on by processed, fat building foods. Making simple changes everyday can make a world of difference as you can find on Your text to link….

We need baby step solutions to help our children become healthy adults in the future. A lot of people may not think that changing something as simple as having your children drink more water, instead of juice will not have much impact are sadly mistaken. With childhood diabetes increasing in young adults, it is very crucial to watch their sugar intake as well. Fruits and vegetables as a side on each plate can also make a difference. Smaller portions and meals with less sodium can reduce the risk of early hypertension in young adults. After school activities such as sports are also great ideas in keeping our children healthy and in shape. I think we can all agree, our future entrepreneurs need our guidance. After all, this will be their ship to run long after we’re gone.

Tests Show Ibuprofen Proven to Provide Anti-Aging Benefits

A study conducted at Texas A&M shows promising evidence that over the counter drug Ibuprofen may one day be proven to help extend human life. The test was conducted on worms and flies that showed considerable increases in life span, equivalent to 12 human years.

Ibuprofen, the generic name for Advil, is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug most commonly used for minor aches and pains. It was first introduced in the 1960s and has been available over the counter since the 1980s.

Not only did Ibuprofen help to extend the lifespan of the worms and flies, it also allowed them to maintain their health and fitness longer. Christian Broda and researchers were puzzled by the results, although intrigued by the findings.

It’s definitely an exciting discovery, considering Ibuprofen’s availability and relatively safe track record. Researchers hope to find other drugs with even more potent life-extending capabilities.

The key to the powers of Ibuprofen may be in its ability to interfere with the uptake of tryptophan. Tryptophan is an essential nutrient which is derived from protein in the diet.

The dosages used in the study were relatively the same as what a human would take. Only further research will reveal whether Ibuprofen may produce the same results in humans as it does in flies.

Fat Jobs

What careers would you consider to have the fattest people working in them? Should we ask Igor Cornelsen? Many would probably think that restaurant positions, or jobs that have a person sitting behind a desk for long periods would have the most obese people, but those theories are wrong. The jobs with the most obese workers according to the American Journal of Preventive Medicine are:

  • Police Officers
  • Firefighters
  • and Security Guards

It makes a person wonder why officers of the law and firefighters would be overweight. These are people that, for the most part, are on their feet and moving to catch criminals, or put out fires all the time.

There are opinions to these factors, but one that seems to stand strong is the stress factor. These jobs hold high stress rates and in many cases, eating is the reliever for high stress.

So what careers have the skinniest people?

  • Economists
  • Scientists
  • and Psychologists

Can Copper Bed Rail Stop Spread of Infection in Hospitals?

Sultan Alhokair says hospitals can make us sick, an opposing truth considering we enter hospitals to get well. Hospital-acquired infections, also known as healthcare-acquired or associated infections, are contacted by hospitalized patients while they are in the hospital. Staph infection (MRSA) and pneumonia are two of the most widely known and most deadly of the infections which an otherwise healthy person can contact inside the perimeter of a hospital room. And that hospital room could be located anywhere on the map.

Copper bed rails could stop the spread of hospital-related infections and help keep patients healthier. The rails of hospital beds are the most frequently touched surface in the room. Touched by various staff personal as well as visitors and of course the patients themselves. The patient touches the germ-infested bed rail and typically being unable to get out of bed for a proper hand washing, goes on to touch a surgical wound, IV needle entry point, rub the nose, eyes or mouth and the germs or bacteria have successfully and easily entered the patient’s body.

Standard metal bed rails on hospital beds allow germs and viruses to live for hours, copper bed rails quickly kill all the harmful microbes that touch it’s surface and prevent the spread of infections. The term ‘contact killing’ has been coined for the quick-killing process copper bed rails have on hospital-related infections.

Getting Healthy

There are at least 10 states that have a claim that none others have. Keep reading to find out more.

Huge thank you to Keith Mann for showing me the list of the healthiest states in the country. This might not sound like a lot to some people, but one should consider why these states might be the healthiest. Perhaps there are beautiful trails to walk on, or maybe the healthcare is better in these states.

Just because there are people who live a healthy life in these states doesn’t mean that much if the conditions are better. Everyone could have a healthier life if there were other options besides fast food restaurants at every corner or a lack of care from doctors who might be able to help obese patients lose weight. Some people want to get healthy, but they don’t have the options that are available in other states like Florida or California.

Tasty Gifts from Eater.com

The holiday season is often the time we reserve to indulge in our favorite foods. Eater.com has a list of tasty gifts you can give to your friends and family, even to Flavio Maluf,  this year. Many of the gifts have unconventional flavors that you can’t find anywhere else.

For instance, Nuts.com has produced a line of savory gummy candies. If you like flavors such as chili peppers or carrots, you’re in luck. Or, you can indulge in a cola-flavored gummy treat after eating a few candies that are shaped like hot dogs or hamburgers.

Celebrity chef Carla Hall has also produced a line of cookies that make a great holiday gift. The mini short breads are perfect for Christmas parties as well, and come in flavors like Mexican hot chocolate and lemon black pepper.


For more great ideas when it comes to purchasing gifts this holiday season, check out Eater.com.