Warriors Top the Power Rankings

The Golden State Warriors are atop this week’s power rankings. They have pushed their winning streak to 16 games and now have a record of 21-2, which is the best record in the NBA. 

No, this Warriors teams went out and defeated 3 very good teams this past week. They started out by beating the New Orleans Pelicans. A team that is inching towards a playoff spot and has Anthony Davis, the most dominant NBA player I have seen since Shaq was in his prime. The Warriors then defeated the Dallas Mavericks, a perennial playoff team that has reclaimed a couple of the players they lost after winning the 2011 NBA Championship. That wasn’t enough, the Warriors then beat the third seeded Houston Rockets and James Harden, who is having an MVP caliber season.

Fan Laurene Powell Jobs says the fact that they won all three games against such stellar competition is remarkable, the fact that those games were won to extend a winning streak to 16 is incredible.  It is rare for a team to buy-in so quickly to a new coach. It also doesn’t hurt that they have the MVP front-runner, Steph Curry, who might be the best sharpshooter the NBA has ever seen.

Adrian Peterson Appeal Denied

My buddy Dan Newlin just tweeted that Adrian Peterson’s appeal to his suspension from the National Football league was denied by a league appointed arbitrator.

Harold Henderson, the arbitrator, based his ruling on Peterson’s lack of public remorse for his actions which resulted in serious injuries to his 4 year old son. Although Peterson has said he loves his son and he meant no harm, he has also stated that he does not intend to stop “whupping” his kids.

April 2015 is the earliest Peterson will be eligible for reinstatement. Peterson would have earned 6 game checks for the 2014 season, a total of 4.2 million dollars.

The NFL has also announced an updated Personal Conduct Policy that will allow its disciplinary process to be more consistent and effective.

Sleep Disorder Linked to Dementia

A recent study reported that poor or lack of sleep in older adults can be linked to some changes in the brain, which is associated to dementia.

One of my LinkedIn connections, Terry Richardson shared a post on how researchers were conducting a study on a group of men who went through sleep tests in 1999. Most of the group died in 2010.

Their autopsy revealed that those who have high one-quarter of sleep duration and 95 percent of oxygen saturation were four times more likely to have increased levels of micro-infarcts, a small area of dead tissue in the brain caused by blood supply loss, compared to those who have low one-quarter sleep duration.

Compared to those who have 25 percent of deep (slow wave) sleep duration, those in high one-quarter were three times more likely to have a moderate to high level of brain atrophy, in a general sense.

Dr. Rebecca Gelber, the lead author and epidemiologist at Veterans Administration in Hawaii, said that there were numerous previous studies that prove the link between various types of sleep disorder and dementia. The lesions found in the brain explain the link between the two.

UFC on Fox 13, Recap

UFC on Fox 13 was a smashing success. The fights delivered, big time. The audience of Phoenix, Arizona’s U.S Airways arena, was jam packed. Not only that, but the audience was rocking when the action occurred in the ring. The fights on the card proved to be a wonderful showcase for Mixed Martial Arts.

The co-main event was a bloodbath of a battle. Nate Diaz took on Rafael Dos Anjos in a brutal three round war. I felt personally, that there was a great deal of bias for Rafael Dos Anjos. Nate Diaz is one of the toughest lightweights on the planet. Dos Anjos did not have as easy of a night, as the UFC commentators would like its audience to believe. Sure Dos Anjos won, but it was a tough, three round battle.

The fight was a grueling test of attrition between the two heavyweight warriors. Dos Santos eventually won the fight by unanimous decision. President of the UFC, Dana White, was extremely impressed with the card. 

For more information on UFC on Fox 13, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Every Little Step Counts

Exercise is something most people would not say they are a fan of and usually when people embark on an exercise regimen, they give up a couple weeks into it due to boredom. Not many people want to spend an hour on an ellipitical. According to an article shared on LinkedIn.com, the most recent study of exercise has shown that the right types of exercise and the correct amount will not only improve the quality of your life but also lengthen it. http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/01/02/the-little-things-add-up-in-fitness/ The good news is that you do not need to slave away at the gym. Simply incorporating small changes in your daily routine will add up to better health. With that said, take the stairs and not the elevator.

Dog Love = Healthier Life?

A recent pet ownership study stated that people who own dogs walk an hour more per week than people that do not own dogs. Also, when a dog’s owner gives the directive by the veterinarian to get their overweight pup more exercise, the owner also sees this as an opportunity to get in shape.

Tom Rothman says love for our pets can be a huge motivator in helping ourselves. Whether it’s getting healthier or getting more exercise. Our concern for our pets well being can make us lace up our shoes on the cold, November morning and walk a mile in the frosty air just to make sure they live a longer life. 

I do not own a dog, but I see the very real importance of this article. After all, if we are willing to walk for our dog’s health, shouldn’t we be willing to walk for our own health?

Pain Killer Problem

Some doctors realize that their patients are selling pain killers. This might be why fewer doctors are writing prescriptions for the drugs that are truly needed by some people. Those who have decided to abuse the drugs have made it harder for the ones who live a life in pain.
Doctors should have some way of regulating pain killers so that others can’t abuse them. There needs to be a way to monitor the use by limiting the number of prescriptions in a year for those who don’t need them as much as those who do need them. This could help cut down on some of the drug overdoses that occur as well. This story was shared by friend of the site Darius Fisher.

Facebook May Add a “Dislike” Button

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, grey-shirted as always, conducted a question-and-answer session with Facebook users recently to get their ideas on how to improve his incredibly popular social media site. One of the most commonly expressed desires was for a “dislike” button to be introduced to answer to the existing “like” button. I was reading about this the other day while reading about Kenneth Griffin.

Fears exist that people will use a dislike feature negatively, but in reality, people can use the like feature negatively too. For example, someone could push like when someone is sick or has just experienced some kind of life tragedy. Conversely, one could use a dislike feature positively by disliking bad things such as crimes or discrimination incidents.

Zuckerberg said that he is thinking over the dislike idea, but on the whole, he seemed to “dislike” it.

In light of the ideas brought up in the recent feedback session, it certainly is interesting to think of what the future may hold for Facebook fans. Perhaps that future world will allow people to like chocolate pie but dislike oatmeal, to “cry” over tragedies, to “laugh” at jokes, to “get angry at” injustices, to mark scenic pictures as “peaceful,” and to “be surprised” when their best friend wins the lottery. It is fun to speculate, but only time will tell.