Heir to the Throne! All hail the Prince!

LeBron James, one of the most established and successful basketball players of all time. Being only 30 years old, LeBron is on track to bypass Michael Jordon as an all-time great in terms of legends. Some may ask if this happens who could ever get to that level of greatness and bypass James, the answer may be sooner than we think. LeBron James Jr. is the perfect candidate and if he can stay on the right path has the best chance of being better than his father. Here is a YouTube video highlight of LeBron Jr playing sixth grade basketball. A lot of the moves and court awareness seems very familiar to the reigning King himself.

Bizjournals reports that Little LeBron has the Bloodline of the King and also the Training of one of the League’s best from a young age, which James himself didn’t have growing up, says Susan McGalla. It will be an interesting ride to watch this young superstar make his way to the top of the ranks and see if one day he too can be crowned the king of basketball.