Josh Smith Seeks New Team

As it seems to always happen when a great player goes on the market, teams scramble around vying for an opportunity to get a hold of a player, creating a media storm sparking tons of predictions by sportscasters and writers alike as to where a player will wind up and reasons behind their pick. It is no different in the current situation Josh Smith finds himself caught up in, as he was officially waived by the Detroit Pistons yesterday. Apparently there was a great deal of tension between head coach Stan Van Gundy and the veteran leading to his eventual departure, although coaching Josh Smith does not seem to be an easy task.
According to Twiter repots, a bunch of teams have come forward with their hand out, trying to get Josh Smith to join their team, reports Keith Mann. Amongst the top teams looking to fill a spot on their roster is Sacramento, Miami and Houston to name a few. Each team is going to have to state their case as to why they think he should become a member of their organization, but it is up to Smith where he eventually decides to call his new home. Wherever he ultimately decides to go, it is clear that they will be adding a great veteran player to their roster who has been known around the league as a dynamic player, yet also a player who has been known to cause quite a bit of controversy.