Beneful Is Great For My Four Wonderful Dogs

I have a pit bull dog that seems to run the house, and he’s dominant over all other dogs in my house. I have a total of four dogs, but the pit bull seems to be the most aggressive. Although he’s not mean or violent towards the other dogs, the other dogs tend to back away when the pit bull goes in to eat his meal. I give each dog their own food in their own bowls, but the pit bull can be bad sometimes, and he may stray into another dog’s bowl. I’ve tried many times to prevent the pit bull from eating the other dog’s food, but he doesn’t want to listen.

I’ve had to find ways to discipline the pit bull to keep him from indulging and eating the food from the other dogs, and it works sometimes, but he seems to try to get away with it when I’m not around. I don’t like my other dogs being intimidated by a dog that’s supposed to be like a brother to them, but I can’t say that I’m terribly surprised. I knew that pit bulls could be somewhat aggressive, but he still is a very sweet dog. When I take all my dogs out for a walk together, the pit bull is the first one to start running off on his own.

I take the dogs to a park that allows them free access to roam around without a leash. All four dogs will run around and play, but three of the dogs tend to stick together, and the pit bull seems to like being by himself. My dogs are not a stranger to playing around in the park for over an hour or more, but I know they are getting great exercise. One day I took the dogs to the park to play, and it started raining heavily.

We got back home, and the dogs were muddy and their paws were dirty. I had to give all four of them a bath, and that really tore up my bathtub. After each one of them took a bath, I sat them down to eat a meal, and each one of them stayed in their own bowl for once. The pit bull was behaving, and it seemed as if I had finally gotten him to behave himself when it came time for dinner. I only feed my dogs Beneful because I believe it’s a good food for them that’s nutritious.

I could never have dogs that are so active if I didn’t give them a dog food that was helping them have additional energy. Beneful gives my dog’s the energy they need to run around the park. My dogs not only love Beneful, but they can’t get enough of the Beneful treats that I buy them from time to time. I love when my dogs come back for seconds when I feed them Beneful, but I make a strict policy of only one bowl of Beneful per dog.