International Dating: Bringing People Together

Technology has been known to bring people together. With the proliferation of social media sites all across the world, it is only natural that technology would extend to online dating. Previously, online dating was seen as a complex and confusing thing. Dating in the real world was hard enough and online dating adds an extra layer of complexity and host of new challenges.
Because technology helps to bring people together, online dating allows for two people living on opposite sides of the world to meet and to even fall in love. There might be a lack of physical intimacy but the increased emotional and intellectual intimacy more than makes up for it. Through conversations and shared interests, two people from two different cultures can “meet,” fall in love and eventually get married.
AnastasiaDate is one such dating site. But its focus is on international dating. AnastasiaDate breaks down the traditional barriers of distance and language, aiming to create bonds of love between two individuals of different cultures and countries of origin. AnastasiaDate works on a global scale, operating four sites:,, and The four sites together boasts a combined 4 million members spread across 110 countries.

AnastasiaDate is innovative, new, and real, ultimately letting technology test its limits which previously domestic dating sites had not dared do before. AnastasiaDate continues to test its limits with the introduction of its new app. The AnastasiaDate app, available on Google Play and iTunes, brings international dating to a new level, right to people’s fingertips. People can download the app for free and then can video chat and use a wide variety of platforms to communicate. AnastasiaDate app and website combined brings international dating to an entirely new level, giving it a personal touch.