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Waiakea is the Best Volcanic Water

Waiakea is a popular volcanic water brand that originates from Hawaii. The individuals living in Hawaii use the natural power from the exceptional volcanoes to create healthy bottles of water. The company prides itself for its delicious water that is full of valuable minerals. The company supplies this commodity to the United States and other parts of the world. Even with a single sip, the happy customers know that they are indulging in water that has been produced to perfection.

The founders of the water brand want to ensure that they conserve the environment at all costs. This is why they have chosen to use recycled polyethylene teraphtalate or high-grade RPET on its bottles. The recycled plastic gives many advantages to the environment. Unlike most of the water processing company, the bottles from Waiakea require very little energy to manufacture, reduce the carbon emission by over ninety percent, and use very little water. The company says that its bottles are BPA free.

Since its establishment into the market, Waiākea water brand has been working diligently with an institution known as The CarbonNeutral. The managers have also been partnering with Ecometrica to give the consumers the kind of water they need. The two companies are famous for being the leading emission consultants in the world. The organizations have played a crucial role in measuring and reducing the impact of Waiakea business to the environment. The environment-friendly stance has helped the water brand in its conservation efforts while processing their water.

Since it was introduced into the market, the water brand has won several awards. Last month, Waiakea was announced as the best volcanic water brand in the world. According to most consumers, the company provides a refreshing taste of water that has several ingredients. The water is retrieved from the natural Hawaii springs, and the rocks in the neighborhood take care of the filtering process. The water from the springs is smooth, and it is respected for its soft consistency. Some of the money acquired by the company is used to the needy communities in the different parts of the world.

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