Warriors Top the Power Rankings

The Golden State Warriors are atop this week’s power rankings. They have pushed their winning streak to 16 games and now have a record of 21-2, which is the best record in the NBA. 

No, this Warriors teams went out and defeated 3 very good teams this past week. They started out by beating the New Orleans Pelicans. A team that is inching towards a playoff spot and has Anthony Davis, the most dominant NBA player I have seen since Shaq was in his prime. The Warriors then defeated the Dallas Mavericks, a perennial playoff team that has reclaimed a couple of the players they lost after winning the 2011 NBA Championship. That wasn’t enough, the Warriors then beat the third seeded Houston Rockets and James Harden, who is having an MVP caliber season.

Fan Laurene Powell Jobs says the fact that they won all three games against such stellar competition is remarkable, the fact that those games were won to extend a winning streak to 16 is incredible.  It is rare for a team to buy-in so quickly to a new coach. It also doesn’t hurt that they have the MVP front-runner, Steph Curry, who might be the best sharpshooter the NBA has ever seen.

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  • Kamila Gideon

    May 9, 2017

    It is beginning to appear like their new coach, Steve Kerr, was destined to lead this team to an NBA Championship. The Warriors did not continue this streak by beating bad teams for easy wins. I have always wanted custom thesis writing service to get their best out of these things as fast as possible.

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