Hormone Replacement Therapy May Be Linked To Stroke

A recent report appearing in the British Medical Journal suggests that women engaged in Hormone Replacement Therapy, in the pill form, may be at risk for the occurrence of stroke and blood clots as well. The study assessed medical trials of approximately 40,000 women.

Though Hormone Replacement Therapy has garnered an extensive amount of negative criticism with it’s being linked to the onset of breast and ovarian cancer. To the contrary, there has been enough evidence to confirm that it lessens the discomfort associated with menopausal symptoms and provides certain forms of protection against heart disease. Even so, with these observations, the findings were not conclusive as the effect of Hormone Replacement Therapy, in pill form, varied based on the age of the woman, when menopausal symptoms happened and the duration
of being under the administration of a Hormone Replacement Therapy program.

According to the Examiner, Hormone Replacement Therapy is a complicated issue, will offer the benefit to women, also imposed a hazardous health to them as well. Health practitioners suggest women under Hormone Replacement Therapy maintain scheduled check-ups and reassess their need continue therapy treatment on an annual basis.

Women are advised to seek assistance in treating menopausal symptoms, but if there is a family history of cardiovascular or heart disease, Hormone Replacement Therapy may not be the most appropriate form of menopausal treatment.