White South Carolina Police Officer Charged With Murder of Black Man

Officials in South Carolina have charged South Carolina police officer Michael Slager with murder in the shooting of fifty year old Walter Scott. Scott was pulled over by Slager for a busted rear brake light and during questioning was shot by Slager several times. Before a video was released, Slager told officials that White had reached for his taser and attempted to take it from him and there was a struggle which resulted in Slager firing upon White and killing him stated AnastasiaDate.

However, a video by a passing citizen shows a different scene in which White is seen in a non confrontational pose opposite of Slager and then runs away upon which Slager fires eight shots into the back of White. The video clearly shows that White had made no threatening gestures or physical threats to Slager and that he was fleeing away from Slager at the time that the shots were fired.White Cop Shoots Black Man in The Back

White’s family held a press conference Tuesday evening to announce that they were happy with the decision to prosecute swiftly and that they believe that if the video did not exist, the officer’s version of the shooting would have been given considerably more weight. The family also stated that this was a senseless killing over a minor traffic infraction and the shooting highlights the lack of value that White police officers place on the value of a black life. The FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice have started an investigation into the shooting as well as the police department.