Browse Month: December 2017

Felipe Montoro Jens Reports on Rio Education Plan

Rio de Janeiro under the governance of Mayor Marcelo Crivella is putting up measures and plans to improve the education of children in the city according to a report published by Felipe Montoro Jens. The mayor promised to improve the education of children in the city during his campaigns. The administration is planning to set up new 20,000 day-care centers and new 40,000 pre-school centers by 2020.

According to the mayor and his administrations, investing in the education of children and giving them the rights education at tender ages prepares them for their adult life in future. Rio de Janeiro will be partnering with Public-Private Partnership to make the paper plan become a reality.

PPP will be in charge of the construction as well as the maintenance of the educational structures and facilities. The office of the mayor, on the other hand, will be carrying out pedagogical activities in the system. In 2012, the administration of Belo Horizonte in collaboration with PPP constructed educational facilities for infants in the country.

Felipe Montoro Jens disclosed that the International Finance Corporation would be in charge of funding the project. IFC is a member of the World Bank and is the leading global development institution worldwide focusses on helping its members to carry out and finish their projects successfully. The contract between the International Finance Corporation and Rio de Janeiro is worth $2.1 million.

The collaboration between government entities and Public-Private Partnerships has been important in improving the efficiency of scares government resources. It allows administrations to put their funds on significant social and economic sectors in the society. The collaboration has also reduced the costs of developing communities by the governments. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, the Rio de Janeiro administration and PPP have signed an agreement contract to make the paper plan a success.

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